Hawk Medicine DIY

Are you needing a fresh perspective? Perhaps you’ve been looking at an obstacle from the same angle for far too long. Sometimes all we need is an elevated perspective to see all of the dynamics at play.

Hawk medicine helps us see the forest through the trees. From far up in the sky, hawk focuses in on its prey with laser vision and swoops down for the kill at just the right moment. The hawk doesn’t second guess it’s natural impulses, and neither should we.

Call upon the hawk spirit with this craft to gain clarity and perspective. Hawk will help you go after your soul’s calling with courage and fearlessness.

What You Need

  • Large stick
  • Frankincense powder
  • Dried bay leaves
  • Sandalwood essential oil
  • Suede yarn and/or leather cord
  • Glue gun
  • Gemstone beads, ideally clear quartz, lapis lazuli, sugilite, blue tiger’s eye, and/or chiastolite
  • Seed beads in gold and royal blue
  • Gold string that fits the size of your beads
  • Accessories to decorate your stick, including charms, hawk feathers, or gemstones

Step 1

After sage smudging your space and tools, find a comfortable seated position and close your eyes for the duration of this meditation:

Bring your mind’s eye to an image of a hawk. Imagine it’s glorious auburn brown feathers and piercing hazel eyes. Visualize the hawk soaring in the air with determination and courage. Bring your attention to the hawk’s eyes, and imagine that you now see the world from the hawk’s elevated perspective. The trees, plants, and rivers below seem so small as you soar across the sky. Alas, you see your target. Without a moment’s hesitation, you swoop down and snatch your prey.

Gently return to present time, open your eyes, and say the following words:

Spirit of Hawk, I call upon you and invite you into this space. May you bless these materials, so that they are magically charged with my intention for perspective, clarity and fearless determination.

Step 2

It’s crafting time!

Set the mood by turning on some hawk sounds, which can be easily found on Youtube. You may also use a charcoal incense burner to burn the hawk’s sacred herbs, including frankincense resin powder, dried bay leaves, and a few drops of sandalwood essential oil.

Step 3

Firstly, take your suede yarn and/or leather cord and wrap it around your stick. You may use a glue gun to secure it into place.

magical craft

Step 4

For the beading section, wrap the string around one end of the stick a few times and tie a knot.

Next, start beading until it hangs nicely to the middle of the stick. Secure it by wrapping it around the stick and tying a knot.

Repeat the same step above on the other side so that the two beaded strands meet at the center of the stick.

Create another strand of beads that starts midway from the left strand of beads, and ends midway from the right strand of beads.

Step 5

Add any extra gemstones and accessories.

And voila! Hang your magical stick above a window in your home.

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