A Goddess doesn’t ask for her power, or blame people for taking her power; she owns her power, knowing it can never be taken away. Her power isn’t an external weapon… it is within her. Within you.

– Emma Mildon, Evolution of Goddess

Goddesses from around the world unite people with their fierce, yet nurturing embrace. They embody love, wisdom and balance. Their inner beauty radiates like the sun, warming everyone in their wake.

Goddesses can be seen as energetic archetypes, devotional deities, psychological metaphors, spirit guides, or all of the above. Their avatars serve as teaching tools to help us activate their corresponding energy streams.

We all hold goddess energy in our hearts. Ultimately, the Goddesses point a divine arrow within, shining a light on our soul gifts and wisdom.

What’s Your Goddess Archetype?

Each goddess archetype has a distinct energetic vibration, linked to the moon or one or more of the four main elements found in nature – air, earth, fire and water. Take the quiz to discover your goddess archetype.

what's your goddess archetype?

Explore the Goddesses

Fire Goddess

Fire goddesses are loud, proud, and passionate. They burn bright, sparking change and transformation with their lust for life.

Earth Goddess

Earth goddesses are rooted in their truth and what they stand for. They walk to the drum of the seasons, bringing fertility and abundance in their wake.

Air Goddess

Air goddesses are messengers, spreading thoughts and ideas with every gust of wind. They provide new insights and clarity, lifting us up into the world of possibilities.

Water Goddess

Water goddesses are intuitive, emotional beings. Their tears cleanse away the old, in preparation for new insights to wash up on the shore.

Moon Goddess

Moon goddesses ebb and flow with the lunar cycles, guiding us in our journey from Maiden to Mother and Crone.


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