Goddess Selene

Full Moon Mania is a time for manifesting dreams… Now is the perfect time for shouting out loud what you’ve only dared whisper.

– Nancy Blair, Goddesses for Every Season


Once Upon A Time

there was a Greek goddess of the Moon, Selene. Riding a moon chariot across the sky, she would light up the night and control time.

One night, as she glided across the starry sky, Selene saw a beautiful young man named Endymion. Entranced by Endymion, Selene asked Zeus to give him immortality and to make him sleep forever. Out of love for Selene, Zeus agreed.

Each night, Selene would visit Endymion in his dreams and make love to him. Together they birthed 50 daughters, representing the 50 lunar months of the Olympiad.

Selene Wisdom

The goddess of the moon, also known by her Roman name Luna, teaches us to listen to our intuition and subconscious. She encourages us to record our dreams for true clarity and perspective. You may come across old stories in your unconscious that you no longer want to define your reality.


Sacred Oils

  • Lotus flower
  • Lavender
  • Vanilla
  • Myrtle
  • Willow
  • White poppy
  • White rose



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