Goddess Mawu

Desire is the force that guides manifestation.

– Dr. Athena Perrakis

Once Upon A Time

there was a goddess of the night, moon and motherhood, who bestows wisdom and inspiration. Arriving on an elephant’s back, the great mother goddess brings a cool midnight breeze to the African Sahara.

Of course, this creation goddess needed more than the divine feminine and her gentle yin energy to create the earth and all life on it. Her twin, Lisa, a sun deity, brings her other half – the divine masculine and yang energy. Together, Mawu-Lisa created Earth and all life on it out of clay, and keep the planet buoyant in the cosmos with the help of a giant serpent.

Mawu desperately needed another pair of hands to create more animals. And so, she asked the monkey, Awe, for a little help. Awe stepped up to the plate, however soon after he was bragging to all the other creatures of his divine powers. “I, too, have the breathe of life,” he boasted, as he climbed to the heavens to prove himself.

Of course, the arrogant monkey failed miserably. As punishment, Mawu made the monkey a bowl of porridge kissed with the seed of death. Only she has the power to give and take life away.

Mawu Wisdom

Mawu teaches us of the importance of moving our bodies. When we explore our bodies, we tap into our divine knowledge and creative powers. Whether you prefer hanging out in downward dog, crunching those abs or shaking your hips, feel into each expansion and contraction.

As you ebb and flow from dynamic fire to soft nectar movements, your inner Shakti awakens, bringing your intimate desires to the surface. Don’t be afraid of stepping into your raw sensuality and going after what you desire.


Sacred Oils

  • Palm kernel
  • Cinnamon
  • Clove
  • Ylang ylang



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