Goddess Ma’at

The unexamined life is not worth living.

– Socrates

Once Upon A Time

There once was an Egyptian goddess of divine truth, balance and justice. Hand in hand with the sun god Re, she provided the universal order necessary for all creation. With Ma’at’s cosmic presence, the planets, stars and seasons shifted in a harmonious dance.

But she also had a second role in the “Hall of the Two Truths.” When a king died, he would descend deep into the Underworld for Ma’at’s ultimate test. Was he a fair, juste ruler or not?

With her divine scale, she would place a long feather on one side, and his heart on the other. A heart filled with light energy weighs nothing, while a heart full of karmic debt is like a massive bag of coal.

If the king’s heart weighed more than the feather of truth, he could not enter the Realm of Peace. But, if he passed the test, he was led forward to become reborn as Osiris, the ultimate creative force. You see, new life can only sprout in a spacious heart. In this pregnant black hole, everything and nothing resides.

Ma’at Wisdom

Do you feel balanced? Or are the scales of your life tipping towards one side? Fear not, your life is exactly where it needs to be. The scales may seesaw back and forth for a time, but they will eventually find their cosmic center.

You see, Ma’at is all about balance and harmony. Chaos will simply not do for this winged goddess. Ma’at untangles those tough knots, creating divine order and justice. Simply let the law of karma work its magic. With Ma’at’s feather of truth, all wrongs get righted. In other words, you truly reap what you sow.

Still, that doesn’t mean we should sit back and let the law of karma create the balance we crave. As Ma’at shuffles around the pieces of your life, give her a hand by making space for more alignment. Of course, this is not an easy task. You must truly know thyself to see what isn’t aligned with your higher purpose.

So, take a deep breathe and look into Ma’at’s magical crystal ball. What do you see? We all have light and shadow aspects of the self. The key is to know and love thyself — the light, the dark and the myriad of shades in between.

What else do you see in her crystal ball? Are you dimming your light to fit into a role that simply isn’t for you? Or are you in a relationship that you have outgrown? Rigorous honesty from a place of unconditional love is necessary when taking an inventory of your life. When you do, you take the first step in creating more space for all of your wildest dreams.


Sacred Oils

  • Honeysuckle
  • Anise
  • Oak moss
  • Angelica


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