Goddess Kali

Kali is so called because She devours Kala (Time) and then resumes Her own dark formlessness.

– Sir John Woodroffe, The Garland of Letters

Once Upon A Time

there was a dark goddess named Kali. She wasn’t born into this world as you might expect. She actually emerged from the warrior goddess Durga’s third eye during a critical point in battle against two demons. And you can imagine the look on the demons face when Kali emerged swinging her sword and flaunting her sharp fangs!

With serpents entwined around her arms, the Hindu goddess uses destruction as a tool of creation. Like a wild fire, she burns and destroys what is no longer needed to facilitate new beginnings.

Kali Wisdom

Boom, Crackle, Crumble. We all go through periods of extreme transformation. When the structures around you seem to crumble down, you realize that your picture perfect marriage or your high profile job was simply an unhealthy illusion. Or you might realize that you really are addicted to alcohol/drugs/sex/sugar/pick your pleasure. And while coasting through life was “good enough”, the Universe had other plans. Freshly plucked out of your comfort zone, you are standing on rubble and ruins. So, now what?

After you mourn your loss, it’s time to rebuild. Kali calls on you to step into your primal power and courageously pick up the pieces of your life. As you lay each piece on a stable foundation, you integrate a new lesson. And when all the bricks are finally pieced together, your masterpiece is revealed.


Om krim kalikayai namah, meaning I bow my head to the Goddess Kali

Seed bija: Kreem


  • Snowflake obsidian
  • Smoky quartz
  • Rutilated quartz

Sacred Oils

  • Hibiscus
  • Jasmine
  • Dragon’s blood
  • Cardamom
  • Blood orange


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