Goddess Ishtar

In Babylon, Ishtar encompasses the fullness of womanhood, including being a maternal nurturer, an independent companion, an inspired bed partner, and an insightful advisor in matters of the heart.

– Patricia Telesco, 365 Goddess: A Daily Guide to the Magic and Inspiration of the Goddess

Once Upon A Time

“Hoot, hoot,” cries the owl as it swoops across the dusty twilight sky. A family of crows are waiting on a lonely tree. And suddenly, sunset-colored leaves swoosh this way and that before trailing off into the distance.

Ishtar follows the leaves with tunnel vision until she is standing in front of a steel gate. At the threshold of the dark realm of her sister, Ereshkigal, a charcoal fog blocks her view. “To cross the threshold or not?” she ponders for a moment before opening the rickety gate.

Covered in sexy satin and lapis lazuli, Ishtar is certainly not dressed for the trenches. “Why is she dressed so lovely?” the creepy crawlies whisper.

Word travels fast through the shadowy tunnels. And eventually, the Queen of the Underworld hears that her sister is dressed to the nines. “My sister must be here to conquer my realm!” Ereshkigal concludes.

And so, the paranoid sister crafts a plan to strip Ishtar of her power. As Ishtar descends through the Underworld, she must remove an item of clothing or an accessory at each of the seven gates.

At the first gate, Ishtar removes her crown, and with it her sovereignty. At the next gate, she takes off her lapis necklace. In a hypnotic dance, she continues to remove a royal accessory at each gate. And at the seventh gate, she removes her robe.

Stripped of her power, Ishtar stands naked before Ereshkigal. After one quick judgment, the evil queen kills Ishtar, and hangs her on a hook like a piece of meat.

For three days and nights, Ishtar’s limp body dangles, as the earth dries up like a barren womb. Fortunately, the god of wisdom, Enki, creates two creatures to rescue her.

Upon her return to the land of the living, Ishtar is more powerful than ever. In this new phase, she radiates with the full spectrum of womanhood from an independent maiden and affectionate mother to a wise crone in matters of the heart.

Ishtar Wisdom

The Babylonian goddess of the Moon, fertility and battle teaches us that we don’t need to fear all that we cannot see. Even during the darkest of nights, the Universe brings signs and messages to communicate exactly what we need to know.

Feel into the moment, and look for synchronicities to see the big picture. Trust that this divine guidance will help you live in alignment with your higher purpose.


Sacred Oils

  • Marjoram
  • Geranium
  • Frankincense
  • Ginger
  • Saffron
  • Damiana



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