Goddess Hathor

Allow the creative projects to seed, sprout and bloom in their sweet sweet time. We cannot rise if we are not first rooted. We cannot take off without a decent run up. And we cannot soar like an eagle without a good rest in between flights. Create a life’s work, not a season.

– Rebecca Campbell

Once Upon A Time

the Sun god Ra unleashed Sekhmet to punish humanity for its cruelty and selfishness. The goddess of war descended on the world in a fury of rage, destroying homes, crops, cities and thousands of people.

Ra watched Sekhmet’s rampage with satisfaction until the other gods had enough. They pointed out that soon there wouldn’t be any more humans left to benefit from this lesson. Ra agreed that annihilating humanity was not the goal and created a plan to stop Sekhmet.

He ordered Tenenet, the goddess of beer, to brew a strong batch of blood red beer for the blood thirsty Sekhmet. When Tenenet offered Sekhmet the beer, she violently grabbed it from her hands and chugged the entire bottle in one sitting.

Drunk silly, Sekhmet passed out on the floor. And when she finally woke up, no hangover headaches and queasiness for this goddess.

Sekhmet was reborn a new goddess – Hathor, the benevolent. Not only was humanity saved from Sekhmet’s destruction, she became their greatest benefactress.

In her new form, Hathor, the ruler of the sky, the sun, the moon, and fertility, is now a symbol for joy, music, love, dance, drunkedness and, above all, gratitude.

Hathor Wisdom

Hathor teaches us how to unleash our creative powers from the depths of the soul. By connecting to your body with sacred pampering and dance, the fertility goddess illuminates the path to awakening your inner fire.

Your body is a sacred temple. Feel into it. Connect to it. Let your body be your guide on the right path to fully step into your creative gifts. Bathing in the sweet pleasures of life is never a waste of time. It’s important to fill up your well so that you can then share your unique gifts with the world.


Sacred Oils

  • Myrrh
  • Fig
  • Henna
  • Ylang ylang
  • Date palm
  • Rose
  • Sycamore tree
  • Blackberry


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