Goddess Artemis’s 7 Ways to manifest your New Moon intentions

The Greek goddess of the moon and the hunt, Artemis, or Diana, in the Roman tradition is a free spirit, who marches to the beat of her own drum. Roaming the moon lite forest with her canine companions, she knows what she wants, and goes after it with steadfast determination. The masterful huntress has yet to miss a target.

Her story is one of fierce independence and empowerment. When Artemis was a little girl, she told her father Zeus that she had no desire to marry, and asked if he would grant her maidenhood for eternity. Zeus agreed, and so she remains chaste, defending the chastity of herself and all women.

If you could use a little “girl power” to help you stay focused on your New Moon intentions during this Waxing Moon, Artemis is your girl.

As the moon waxes to its full luminous form, those seeds that your thoughts planted in your consciousness are beginning to bloom. Now is the time to echo your intentions to the Universe.

The secret to riding the manifestation wave during the Waxing Moon is to remain focused on your intentions.

With Artemis by your side, no target is out of reach. Your New Moon intentions are closer than ever. To invoke her fierce energy and hit your target, here are seven activities to incorporate into your spiritual practice.

7 ways to manifest your New Moon intentions

  1. Wear Artemis’s sacred symbols or place them front and center in your home or work place. Her symbols include a bow and arrow, crescent moon, and forest animals.
  2. Carry crystals known for manifestation, stamina and abundance, including red aventurine, green aventurine, citrine and carnelian
  3. Make an herbal tea blend with pine needles, rosemary and sage
  4. Hit the nature trails, preferably a forest
  5. Take a yoga class, focusing on heart opening back-bends, to build confidence and stamina
  6. Listen to the 963 Hz Solfeggio Frequency to bring you closer to your inner universe
  7. And lastly, take one confident step every day in the direction of your intentions

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