Free Will, Fate and Destiny in the Natal Chart

Is there free will? And if so, does that mean we are not subject to fate or destiny?

As an astrologer, I believe in fate and destiny. I believe that each person has a unique energetic blueprint that is influenced by the energies of each celestial body and person. But as a sister who recently lost her little brother to drug addiction, I have to believe in free will. I have to believe that a person isn’t destined for a life of misery and hardship. But where does free will begin and fate end?

Justin’s Natal Chart

My brother, Justin, was a Scorpio sun sign with a stellium of Scorpio Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto in the 5th house of creativity, romance, children, and play. This means that he used his sexuality and power to express himself. Justin wanted to dive into the intense and mysterious depths of the human psyche through his hobbies (sadly, he chose hard drugs for 15 years).

Perhaps his emotions were too intense and he felt like he needed to numb them with opioids. Or perhaps he was numbing his crippling wound to self, identity, and self-worth (Chiron in the first house). A wound that he came into this lifetime with (Chiron conjunct his South Node).

Still, I believe that he had free will — the will to choose a sober path. That 5th house stellium had a buffet of fantastic options to express his inner Scorpio from acting and art to theatre. And his fearless creations would have been transformative.

destiny and free will

Coupled by his Pisces Midheaven and Moon at the top of the chart, his intimate emotions could have been expressed in a career in music, theater, film, or the mystical arts. Justin didn’t have a career (simply many odd jobs to support his addiction). But if he did, it could have provided deep healing for the masses.

When I look at Justin’s chart I see so much talent and potential. Sure there were big challenges, particularly in the 7th house of partnerships. But I believe that he could have manifested a higher vibration of his natal chart.

When Justin was sober, he left a trail of belly laughs and bright eyed smiles in his wake. Deeply intuitive, empathetic and funny, he could read the room in a heartbeat. And he knew exactly how to make people laugh in stitches with his jokes and incredible impressions.

Near the end of his life, Justin took an interest in astrology and self-development. But sadly, the addiction was too powerful.

Still, I wonder how much of his experience with drug addiction was fate. Is it possible that his soul asked to experience this? After all, he started heroine at only 15-years-old. Perhaps there was something to learn from these dark experiences?

Or perhaps it was all a test. Perhaps he was challenged to turn his karma into dharma. A South Node in Leo in the 2nd house indicates that he was learning to release drama, materialism, and entitlement. He was learning the true meaning of power: which has nada to do with material possessions.

Justin was moving towards his Aquarius North Node to embrace collaboration, a humanitarian cause, and cutting-edge ideas. He was on the path of self-liberation from cookie-cutter roles, titles, and the ego. And ultimately, to honor the needs of the community.

I wish that Justin had the time to rewrite his story and to step into his highest potential. There is a fine line between fate and free will. But I believe that we can indeed change our destiny.

What do you belief? Share in the comments!

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4 Replies to “Free Will, Fate and Destiny in the Natal Chart”

  1. This is beautifully written and eloquently honors your brother. Thank you

  2. This article was absolutely beautiful. I stumbled across this at a time where I am giving endlessly to a friend who struggles with addiction. This helped my perception of his situation. As empaths, it takes a toll. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing tribute.

    1. Thank you so much. I’m so happy that you found it helpful. Yes, it’s such a difficult path to navigate for empaths, especially when setting boundaries. We tried both endlessly giving and tough love. And he continued to use in both scenarios. He had a lot of shame around his addiction, so I think the best thing we did was express our unconditional love. Wishing you courage and strength during this tough time.

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