Flower Crown DIY to celebrate Beltane

Beltane is finally here! The bees are buzzing, birds are chirping, and the ground is crawling with new life. On May 1, celebrate this sacred Celtic holiday by honoring the abundant fertility of Mother Earth.

From tulips and daisies to roses and peonies, Beltane is all about flowers. Traditionally vibrant flower crowns were made on this magical day to illuminate the goddess within.

Flaunt your divine sensuality, passion and vitality with this Beltane flower crown inspired by the Irish goddess of fertility, Sheela-na-Gigs. This playful, whimsical goddess throws caution to the wind. Let loose and channel her playful energy this Beltane.

Sheela-na-Gigs illustration

What You Need

  • The goddess’s sacred stones: chiastolite, copper, ocean jasper, or thulite
  • Her sacred herbs: eyebright powder, dried agrimony, and ylang ylang, tangerine or heliotrope essential oils.
  • Floral wire
  • Floral tape
  • Leaves
  • Dried flowers with stems are at least 3 inches long (you can cut off excess stems)
  • Seed beads in a variety of playful colors
  • Silver string that fits the size of your beads
  • Crimp tube beads
  • Crimp tube tool
  • Small gemstones and charms

Step 1 – Call Upon Sheela-na-Gigs

After sage smudging your space and tools, find a comfortable seated position and close your eyes for the duration of this meditation:

Holding your stones, bring your mind’s eye to an image of a Sheela-na-Gigs on a sunny, spring day. Imagine her wild red air bouncing as she skips in a bountiful garden of flowers and greenery. Visualize that she takes your hands, and you both dance and laugh merrily without a care in the world. In this moment you are truly joyful and happy.

Gently return to present time, open your eyes, and call upon Sheela-na-Gigs to bless your materials with energies of joy and playfulness.

Step 2 – Set the Mood

It’s crafting time!

Set the mood by turning on some cheerful Irish music, which can be easily found on Youtube. You may also use a charcoal incense burner to burn her sacred herbs.

Step 3 – Make your Flower crown

Firstly, take your floral wire and form it into a circle. Rest it atop your head to see how long you need the wire to be to form a crown. Cut off the excess wire, and tape the circle shut with floral tape.

Tap your leaves, followed by your dried flowers, to the crown. Wrap the tape around the stem about four to five times so it stays.

Step 4 – Add your Beads

Measure the string to be about 1.5 times the length of your crown, and attach one end of the string to the back of the crown.

String your beads. When you’re finished, secure the beads in place with a crimp bead, leaving some excess string.

Wrap the beaded string around the crown. Once you come to the end, wrap the excess string around the crown and secure it with a knot.

For extra protection, wrap a piece of suede yarn around the back side of the crown, and secure it with glue.

Step 5 – Bedazzle!

Now is the fun part! Finish by adorning your crown with gemstones, charms, dried flowers and more.

Like the whimsical Sheela-na-Gigs, throw caution to the wind and flaunt your Beltane flower crown!

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