Floral Smudge Wand DIY for Taurus Season

Let’s take it s-l-o-w as we move away from the spring rush of Aries and follow the dewy rose petals and heavenly chocolate aroma into Taurus season.

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Taurus is slow, sensual and rooted in all the earthly pleasures. This Earth Soul doesn’t leap too far beyond the comforts of the delicious five senses. She is connected to her body and moves with the pace of nature. Her divine lesson: to remind us to slow down to sample Earth’s array of sweet sensual pleasures.

In the spirit of Taurus season, this floral smudge wand DIY awakens the senses and helps to connect to the comforting energy of Taurus. The slow, mindful process of venturing into the wild to collect the herbs and flowers also brings a sense of grounding and tranquility.

picking flowers and herbs in nature

What You Need

  • White sage for healing, purification and protection
  • Mugwort to calm the nerves and bring protection
  • Dandelion for spiritual and emotional cleansing
  • Roses for self-love, divine feminine energies and restoration
  • Scissors
  • Hemp or cotton string
  • Pruning shears
  • Basket
  • Rose quartz, ideally a small double terminated piece, for heart healing
  • Abalone shell


Gather the materials

Do a little research to identify the herbs and flowers that grow in your habitat. Take note of what they look like, and venture into the wild with your pruning shears, basket and an illustrated guidebook, if needed.

To note: Be mindful when picking herbs and flowers. Take from multiple plants and take only what you truly need. For white sage, it’s best to grow your own, as its over-picked in the wild.

After selecting the herb or flower, feel into its energy to make sure you can take part of it. If you feel it’s fine, give thanks before cutting.

Make sure to cut all the plant material about the same size, and keep their long stems.


Dry the herbs and flowers

After collecting the plant material, hang them upside down in a cool, dry place for 3 to 4 days.

drying sage and herbs

All bundled up!

With all your materials in front of you, set your sacred intention for the floral smudge wand.

Next, measure out about a yard of string and fold it in half.

Lay down a base of dried sage and mugwort. Squeeze the sides together to bring it into a bundle shape. Place the dandelion and roses in varying positions across the top of the bundle.

Create Xs or crisscross patterns with the string across the front and back of your bundle. You can do this by first holding the bundle in one hand. Next, take the midpoint of the string and place it across the front of the bundle at about 5 cm from the top. Pull the string around the back and twist the string once, creating a crisscross. Bring the string back to the front, twist again and tighten. Continue crisscrossing until you have reached the bottom 5 cm.

With the remaining string, use the same crisscross method to wrap the rose quartz on top of the bundle. To finish it off, tie the string into a knot in the back and cut off the excess string.


Let it burn

To use, light the end of your smudge wand until it is aflame. Let it burn for a few seconds and blow it out. Watch as the smoke billows around you, and let an abalone shell capture the ashes.

sage smudging


When you are ready to put it out, gently press the smoking end against the abalone shell until it goes out.

May this craft help you slow down and connect with Mother Earth to bring grounding and soothing energies.

What is your favourite way to celebrate Taurus season? Share in the comments!

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Photos by Coral Antler Creative and Buyanskyy at Creative Market

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