Fall Equinox Mandala to celebrate our light and shadow sides

Oh fall! Even for the most muggle person, there is something absolutely magical when the trees slowly shift from the vibrant greens of summertime to the reds, ambers, and dusty browns of fall.

Every fall equinox, or Mabon, we take one step closer to longer nights and darker days. Like the bear, we find a comfy den to spend most of these cold days, reflecting on the season past and the seasons to come.

On the fall equinox, the day and night are of equal length. Nature is in perfect balance before we cross over into the darker, colder half of the year. Consequently, we are called to learn to balance our light and shadow sides. It’s easy to embrace our light, or desirable characteristics. However, even the stickiest parts of the self that you would rather hide from the world are precious gifts.

To celebrate the fall equinox, acknowledge ALL of your gifts with this DIY crystal mandala. Crystal mandalas amplify the energy of your intentions. The one we are making is to honor the light and shadow sides of ourselves. My hope is that after this ritual you’ll more fully embrace yourself, and find your perfect balance between light and dark.

crystal mandala

What You Need

  • Gemstones to represent your light, including selenite, scolecite, clear calcite, quartz, or petalite
  • Gemstones to represent your shadow, including black tourmaline, jet, golden sheen obsidian, or aegirine
  • Quartz points
  • Pyramid stone, ideally Shiva Lingam, the stone of duality
  • Herbs to represent the fall equinox, including white sage, skullcap, horsetail, rosemary, and sage
  • Pinecones, acorns, dried seeds, orange peels… whatever you feel called to!

Step 1

Before creating your mandala, find a suitable place for your design. This could be an empty table or on top of your dresser.

Step 2

After you find an appropriate space, cleanse the energy by burning sage and letting the smoke purify your space.

Step 3

After a short meditation, set the intention of honoring your light and shadow sides. Reflect and write down all the parts of yourself that you consider positive and negative characteristics. Are you a giving, artsy soul with a tendency to hoard all miscellaneous items? Write it down. Or maybe you have a zesty, entrepreneurial spirit, but bulldoze forward without considering the emotions of those you leave behind? You’re combination of light and dark characteristics is unique to you. It’s what makes you the beautiful soul that you are.

Step 4

Next, place the pyramid stone in the center of the mandala. Begin by adding four quartz points from the center stone, facing inward.

Step 5

Work your way around the mandala, placing the stones and herbs in whatever way your heart desires to create repeating patterns.

As you place each shadow stone, acknowledge each shadow side of yourself. Do the same for each light stone to recognise your inner light as well. Enjoy the freedom that comes from accepting with an open heart your duality. You are not just light or just shadow.

Once you’re happy with your mandala, you are finished.

Step 6

Now, take a step back from your mandala and feel the balance between light and shadow. In your journal, reflect on the lessons you have learned. Lastly, bring your hands to prayer position and give thanks for the many lessons on this day.

Cheers to your balance, acceptance, and vitality!

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