Essential Oils To Activate Your Chakras From Mother Earth To the Cosmos

Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things toward you.

– Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Throughout history, our ancestors from all corners of the world used scent to invoke higher states of consciousness. In a sweet-smelling cloud of high vibes, some lived extraordinary lives by clearing the auric field from Mother Earth to the cosmos.

The ancient Egyptians even believed that the sense of smell is our most important sensory ability. Why? Because they knew that the inhalation and energy absorption of certain oils can increase our energetic frequency.

ancient Egyptians

In fact, legend tells that Cleopatra drenched the sails of her royal ship in so much scent that Marc Antony could smell her coming all the way on shore when she visited him at Tarsus. You could say that it was love at first smell.

Of course, scent offers more than the powers of seduction. Each essential oil has a specific purpose. There are times when you need a more grounding essential oil, and other times when an airy fairy essential oil will give you just the flight you need to connect to your creative muse.

Not sure which essential oil to work with? Inspired by the ancient Vedas, there are essential oils to activate each of the main chakras in the body. A chakra is a swirling wheel of energy along the spine that receives and sends information to and from you. When all the chakras are activated, you are a clear channel to truly live an extraordinary life.

Here is a simple guide to opening the chakras with essential oils. Ground yourself to the earth in a quiet setting, and ask your higher self where you could use some TLC.

Feeling anxious or stuck in life?

Try working with the Root Chakra essential oils, including cedarwood, rosemary, resinoid oakmoss, opoponax, yarrow and cypress.

Are you in a creative rut?

Try working with the Sacral Chakra essential oils, including cinnamon cassia, tangerine, champaka, ginger and vanilla.

Feeling powerless to manifest your dreams?

Try working with the Solar Plexus Chakra essential oils, including helichrysum, star anise, bergamot, melissa, cumin, fragonia and neroli.

Are you heart broken or lacking loving relationships?

Try working with the Heart Chakra essential oils, including rosalina, meadowsweet, linden blossom, lovage leaf, cilantro, lavender, rose and amyris.

Having trouble sharing your authentic voice?

Try working with the Throat Chakra essential oils, including blue chamomile, blackberry, eucalyptus, myrrh, and lemongrass.

Is your intuition blocked?

Try working with the Third Eye Chakra essential oils, including clary sage, blue lotus, mugwort, marigold, myrtle, silver fir, and eyebright.

Feeling disconnected from the divine?

Try working with the Crown Chakra essential oils, including frangipani, pink lotus, elemi, frankincense, galbanum, violet leaf, and ravensara.

What essential oils do you feel drawn towards? Share in the comments!

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