Divine Necklace DIY for endless creativity

Creative genius is a divinely bestowed gift which is the coronation of the few.

– Margaret Elizabeth Sangster

This idea of creative genius is a mystical and ethereal concept that defies all logic and rational. Like an elusive butterfly, ideas seem to just fly into our life on a whim. We can only hope to have a paper and pen on hand to catch the inspiration before it flies away.

Those little flickers of magical mojo chose you as the vehicle to manifest them into the world. If you just let them sit on paper, they may fly off to another lucky soul more willing to do the heavy lifting.

During a particularly lackluster spell, I created this magical necklace to welcome divine inspiration in all its forms. Inspired by my creative muse, Saraswati, this power piece opens me up to a river of endless creativity.

Every morning before diving into my craft, I set an intention, anoint my body with her sacred oil, light a candle and put on my divine necklace. My little morning ritual sets the mood and puts me in the zone for my craft.

If you struggle to keep the creative juices flowing, this DIY necklace will help you channel your divine muse.

What You Need

  • Crystal and seed beads
  • Crimp beads
  • Oil-based perfume
  • Crimping pliers
  • Jewellery scissors
  • Bead wire
  • Toggle clasp

1 – Who’s Your Muse?

Is there a goddess or real life person that inspires you? Or maybe you’re inspired by a combination of people and spirit guides. Gather crystal beads and an oil-based perfume that you feel reflects their energies.

Not sure who could be your creative muse? You can also use astrology as a guide.

Fire Signs find their inspiration through fiery passion and spontaneity, and may want to invoke the Hindu Goddess Shakti.

Air Signs find their muse from open communication and lively shindigs, and may want to call upon the Hindu Goddess Saraswati.

Water Signs get their creative juices flowing from deep emotions and mystery, and may connect with the African Goddess Oshun.

And lastly, Earth Signs find their creative mojo through common sense and sensuality, and may consider calling upon the Norse Goddess Freyja.

2 – When To Create

Now that you’ve gathered your materials, it’s time to start crafting!

Setting a regular time for your art (and this necklace!) that is in alignment with your natural peak inspiration hours helps to stay in the creative flow. Are you a night owl or a morning bird?

The time you were born can provide a hint as to when your creativity is at its peak.

3 – Design Your Necklace

Within the context of your usual spiritual practice, call upon your muse and state your intention for this ritual. Then, lay out the beads to create a pattern and length that you like.

Next, anoint each bead with your sacred perfume.

4 – Beading

Secure a crimp bead in place with the crimping pliers, leaving enough wire to eventually add the clasp.

Say your intention for each crystal bead as you thread it. For instance, for Carnelian “creativity” or Sunstone “leadership”.

Once your beads are threaded, secure another jewellery crimp bead in place on the other side. Cut the wire leaving enough wire to add the clasp.

5 – Attach the Clasp

To attach the toggle clasp, add another crimp bead, followed by the clasp. Loop the wire through the crimp bead and pull tight. Flatten the crimp bead with the crimping pliers. Trim off the excess wire with jewellery scissors.

Use the same method to attach the other half of the toggle clasp onto the wire.

And voila! Wear your sacred necklace every time you create your art. May it bring an endless flow of inspiration and creativity!

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