Discover Your Dark Side and Hidden Superpower, According to your Pluto House

“Hoot, hoot,” cries the owl as it swoops across the dusty twilight sky. A family of black crows are waiting patiently on a lonely autumnal tree. Charcoal fog gently rolls in, as the creepy crawlies stir under the ground. And suddenly, the crisp, fall leaves swoosh this way and that as they trail off into the distance.

You follow the leaves with tunnel vision, and before you know it, you’re standing in front of an ancient steel gate. As you stand at the threshold of this dark realm, you fear what is on the other side. A dense fog blocks your view, as you try to take a peek. You ask the Universe for guidance, wanting to know what’s on the other side of the gate before crossing the threshold. Do you enter Pluto’s underworld? Or do you stay firmly planted in the light?

Your head says “stay put”, while your soul urges you to open the gate. Finally, you’ve come to a decision. And magically, a key appears in your hand. As you hold your breathe, you insert the key into the lock and open the door.

Welcome to Pluto — the Land of Shadows

When you accept Pluto’s key, you enter your personal chamber of secrets and you may not like everything you see. But fear not, we all have “skeletons in the closet.”

In your natal chart, the Pluto house reflects the nature of your dark side or personal shadow. Your shadow is the darkest and most destructive part of the human mind. It reveals your vices, addictions and where you’re likely to do things that aren’t for your Highest Good.

It’s the part of you that seems unlovable. And often unintentionally, we bury the shadow deep in the subconscious. Simmering in silence, it eventually bubbles to the surface, shadowing over friends and loved ones. Not a spiritually savvy move, but often a necessary one to transform.

The truth is: your shadow is also your superpower. When it is acknowledged and integrated with your light, you step into your limitless potential to heal yourself and others.

Let’s uncover the nature of your dark side and how it can become your superpower. Remember, this work is not for the faint of heart. Go slow and confront the shadow with patience, forgiveness and compassion.

If you are unsure of the house your Pluto is in, you can find it here with your birth time, date and place.

Pluto in the Houses

Pluto in the First House

Pluto in the first house in astrology

Imagine a fusion of the Dark Goddesses Hecate and Kali, swinging her sword and flaunting her sharp fangs at the gateway of truth. That’s Pluto in the first house in a nutshell. With your Pluto in the house of Self and first impressions, you ooze Plutonian vibes. You come across as strong, confident and intense. While people are drawn to your magnetic presence, it can also intimidate them.

After many inner and outer transformations, you will develop your talent for reading people. Theatrical veils won’t fool you. You feel phony vibes from a mile away. Piercing directly into the taboo, you see uncomfortable realities that make people cringe. Sometimes you act on that secret knowledge, and sometimes you don’t. Still, you have the potential to act decisively in times of crisis. The world needs your steady nerves and spot on instincts to make tough decisions.

Pluto in the Second House

Pluto in the second house in astrology

Bah, humbug! Pluto in the second house of finances and value taints a dark shadow over material resources and self-value. With this placement, you may worry about not having enough money and possessions. And so, you work tirelessly to fill your coffers to the brim. Naturally, you may play it safe and miss out on more fulfilling work, spicy relationships and exhilarating adventures.

But alas, money or a stable 9 – 5 won’t provide the security cushion you seek. In time, you learn that true security comes from within. After all, you are the most valuable resource of them all. When you invest in yourself, you develop powerful survival skills. No matter the threat, you are confident that you have the skills and experience to always land on your two feet.

Pluto in the Third House

Pluto in the third house in astrology

Let’s tune in to the local doom and gloom station. With Pluto in the third house of communication, siblings, and community affairs, your psychic antennae picks up on dark realities close to home. While these dark tidings pour into your senses, others likely don’t see them. Fascinated by the taboo, you study it with the acute analysis of a private detective. And ultimately, you are called to use your innate communication skills to bust those paradigms once and for all.

Whatever your medium of choice (writing, comics, film-making, speaking), you are exceptionally persuasive. But remember, “loose lips sink ships.” Hold back from the intense urge to gossip and make sure your research isn’t skewed towards your opinions. In this life, you are learning to use your Plutonian communication skills for the Highest Good. You have been given a penetrating eye, analytical mind and a way with words for a reason. Use them to illuminate hidden truths that shake people out of their comfort zones.

Pluto in the Fourth House

Pluto in the fourth house in astrology

Do you dare to enter this haunted house? With Pluto in the fourth house of home, your safe haven may not feel so warm and cozy. You may have had a tough childhood with enough emotional trauma to make anyone cringe. But you’re a survivor. Coming out of those painful experiences, you developed an intense need for emotional security. And you may try to create that security in your relationships by Plutonian measures (ahem, manipulation). Of course, it is never intentional.

With Pluto in the fourth house, you are being called to pull away the cobwebs that are hiding your subconscious wounds. What unresolved childhood traumas remain buried under the surface? Through self-awareness, you learn how to give yourself the emotional security you need. When you develop emotional self-sufficiency, you also step into your Plutonian superpower — an unparalleled emotional intelligence. Naturally, this translates into deep, nurturing relationships. The kind of relationships that melt everyone’s heart.

Pluto in the Fifth House

Pluto in the fifth house in astrology

Image a haunted Hollywood crawling with Plutonian celebrities up to spooky shenanigans. This City of (Fallen) Angels can feel a bit like Pluto in the fifth house of pleasure and creativity. With this Pluto placement, you have an unconscious desire to depict the darker, more taboo aspects of life for the community. It may even be through your own actions (a theatrical performance in every sense). You see, you once received a mega blow to your ego and now you may struggle to feel “seen.” But we do see you, Pluto in the 5th house. How could we not?

Creative expression is where your healing lies. In this life, you are learning to express your creativity in a way that is not destructive. That “all or nothing” attitude doesn’t have to color every creative pursuit and romantic relationship. When you find a healthy creative outlet and move past self-consciousness, you have the potential to create impactful art. Art that inspires transformation. Long after your time on Earth, your works of art may continue to live on, spreading their healing magic like wildfire.

Pluto in the Sixth House

Pluto in the sixth house in astrology

Let’s roll up our sleeves and dive into the sixth house of health and service. With Pluto in the sixth house, you can be a cranky critic, but a hard working one. No time for happy hour. In your quiet corner, you obsessively work on the problem until it’s solved. Your standards are high, but you also secretly fear criticism of your work. And so, you keep to a rigorous schedule, making every minute count. In the never-ending quest for perfection, your body may eventually burn out. Take it as a divine sign that it’s time to embrace the shadow.

When you break away from the perfectionist cycle, your healing begins. Not only will you feel more at peace, it is also the secret to reaching mastery. You see, when you release control and let yourself finish the project before nitpicking, you open yourself up to the magic of the creative process. Mistakes will be made, of course. But mistakes are the most powerful teachers. And you never know, maybe one of those “mistakes” will turn into a happy accident. Ultimately, you have the potential to create something revolutionary. Something that truly serves humanity.

Pluto in the Seventh House

Pluto in the seventh house in astrology

Relationships are hard — especially with Pluto in the seventh house of partnerships. When Plutonian forces cast a dark shadow on relationships of all sorts (business partnerships included), your dream team may not be so “dreamy.” At least not at first. After moving on from each co-dependent relationship, you learn something new about yourself. Who are you at soul level? What do you need in relationships? And can you give that to yourself?

Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, breakups initiate your rebirth into a higher version of yourself. You no longer depend on a partner for advice and have released any controlling tendencies. The new and improved you doesn’t go for the “bad boy/girl,” but instead, chooses the perfect match. The ultimate power couple, your relationship is based on honesty, trust and complete devotion. One of those epic love stories we all dream about. With Pluto in the seventh house, a “happy ever after” is truly possible.

Pluto in the Eighth House

Pluto in the eighth house in astrology

Let’s turn up the intensity a few notches. With Pluto in the mysterious eighth house of sex and transformation, you are an extremely intense soul. A natural psychologist, you have the power to cut through pastel pixie illusions and get to the dark truth of matters. Unlike most, you can sit with the scary side of life. After all, you’ve had to since a few traumatic early experiences. Robbed of your innocence, dark realities may be given a little too much power in your mind. Naturally, you may stay firmly planted in safe relationships and jobs, while trying to stay in control at the expense of deep intimacy.

But the Universe is calling on you to let go of the need to control and crack your heart open for someone special to see. Your transformation lies in intimate moments. In time, you have the potential to be a powerful priestess and healer. In the face of crippling crisis, your community counts on you to lead them through the darkness and into the light.

Pluto in the Ninth House

Pluto in the ninth house in astrology

Let’s fly up to the house of big ideas. With Pluto in the house of core belief systems, higher learning and religion, there may be some stormy clouds over your cosmic library. But fear not! The sun will come out… maybe not tomorrow, but one day. Within the realm of science, religion, politics or even metaphysics, your core beliefs are challenged. You were fooled once by religious or moral hypocrisy, but you won’t be fooled again. Once you leave your hometown and commit to higher education, your transformation begins.

On your spiritual quest, you sniff out phony preachers and teachers, no matter how charming they may be. The key to your healing lies in considering all points of view. With an open mind, you have the power to unravel the most perplexing mysteries of the Universe. And when you do, use your captivating voice to share your findings with the world.

Pluto in the Tenth House

Pluto in the tenth house in astrology

Let’s climb up the chilling career ladder to the tippy-top of your chart. With Pluto in the tenth house of public image, you have always felt that you were born to do something BIG. And you’re right! But your dream may not have been supported by a parental figure in your early years. Still, you have the tremendous drive, ambition and focus to climb the career ladder to the very top. Of course, it won’t be an easy climb. You may struggle with authority or find yourself in a career that simply doesn’t align with your values.

These transformative experiences teach you the true meaning of integrity and success. On your way to the top, stay true to your values and don’t forget to make a little time for fun. After all, you are not your career. You are so much more! You have the potential to gain public recognition for illuminating taboo topics. Not everyone will be ready to discuss them, but you have the power to rise above the cranky critics. And ultimately, to inspire drastic change.

Pluto in the Eleventh House

Pluto in the eleventh house in astrology

Do you sometimes feel like an alien on this planet? With Pluto in the eleventh house of community and friends, you may feel like you don’t belong. Having tasted the bitter poison of group-consciousness, you lost your appetite for social circles. But that was an extreme case and you’re not one to sit on the sidelines.

As your story unfolds, your humanitarian values and ideas are awakened. “Vive la terre” — sounds your inner call to rebel against those who abuse the planet. You have the potential to be the voice of moral authority. But to fully step into your Plutonian gifts, your medicine lies in releasing judgments towards others. When you accept everyone into your social circle, you feel less alone on this wild planet. As the leader of a united group, you inspire radical change as we move into the Age of Aquarius.

Pluto in the Twelfth House

Pluto in the twelfth house in astrology

With Pluto in the twelfth house of the subconscious and secrets, you keep your private life locked up. Not many people get to look inside your creepy coffin. But a quick peek won’t hurt. With this placement, your faith may be distorted — either you believe in everything or nothing at all. You may also secretly want to escape this earth school and merge with the divine. But there are still lessons to learn about suffering and compassion. So, why not enjoy the ride?

You are being called to surrender and clean out your spiritual closet of any festering wounds. What emotional pain still lingers from the past? After defeating your own demons, you can help others confront their own. Like a modern saint, you have the compassion to help lost souls navigate turbulent times. And ultimately, you remind the world that compassion is the noblest spiritual attainment.

What house is your Pluto in? And what is your healing method? Share in the comments!

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