Chakra Healing Dance Course

Coming in February 2022!

Use the powerful art of belly dance to awaken a deeper connection with your divine physical, mental, and spiritual self and live a more vibrant life.


Belly Dance

Belly dance is a poetic sequence of gestures, characterized by soft hip movements and inherent feminine grace. This course dives into the physical and energetic aspects of belly dance with seven dance sequences that each align with a specific chakra. You’ll awaken your entire body through isolations, shimmies, spins, twists, camels, and even sacred geometry.


Crystal Healing

Every crystal takes billions of years to form in the earth’s core. When it surfaces, it has a unique energetic frequency. Even just holding the shimmering gem synchronizes your energy with its healing frequency. Of course, the frequency varies from crystal to crystal. Some crystals ground, while others expand consciousness. This course guides you to the crystals that support your chakra healing needs.


Lifestyle Shifts

Through the writing prompts in this course, we will uncover the potential cause of the chakra imbalance. Then, we will explore mindset and lifestyle shifts to promote radiant health and wellbeing. We will also explore chakra correspondences, or objects that share similar energy, such as crystals, essential oils, sound frequencies, energetic archetypes, and more. This is truly a multi-sensory experience!


Activate your innate healing powers.

Through this course, we will have FUN while promoting the effortless flow of energy throughout the body. Benefits of chakra healing include:

  • radiant health, wellness, and a balanced sense of peace
  • an expanded awareness, allowing you to have a higher perspective on challenging situations
  • the magical ability to overcome challenges and follow your dreams
  • more love and abundance in all areas of life


workbook with lifestyle shifts for each chakra


hours of belly dancing


hours of chakra healing guidance


Shimmy Energy Detox Bonus Class!

We believe in the power of self-healing to bring deep tranquility and divine connection. Together let’s open your energetic channel, and bring the cosmos down to Earth!

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