Learn the basics of energetic healing and manifestation magic with these simple tips and tricks.

Sun signs in astrology

Sun Signs in Astrology: Your Heroic Archetype on your Life Journey

Discover the hero or heroine which best represents the essence of your Sun sign, as well as your heroic mission and life lessons.

hermetic principles

7 Ancient Secrets to become the Ultimate Manifestor

The Hermetic Principles illuminate new ways of thinking, being and acting that allow you to become the ultimate alchemist of your life. Learn about the seven principles, and how to use them to manifest your dreams.

meditation with crystals

You Set Your Intention, But Now What? 4 Steps To Manifest Anything

You’re a manifestation powerhouse with the knowledge, skills and magical mojo to turn your ideas into reality. And when you balance celestial energies with the earthly realm, anything is possible! With these steps, you’ll wizz by obstacles on a fearless mission to success.

Top 8 Most Common Sacred Shapes and How to Harness their Powers

Everything in nature is made up of geometrical patterns and designs. And each shape has a symbolic meaning, which corresponds to a distinct energetic vibration. Read the article to learn about the most common shapes, as well as how to leverage their powers.

How to make a Crystal Water Elixir for use in beauty products

This crystal water elixir recipe is my go-to for adding a little umph to baths, toners and serums. Adding just a touch of this magic will elevate your beauty rituals so that you’re glowing from the inside out.