From timeless temples to tropical beaches and snow-capped mountains, Spiritual Asia is the destination for spiritual seekers. Behind every eastern marvel, cosmic messages hide under sacred symbols and mythic stories. It would take many lifetimes to unravel the divine knowledge of our Asian ancestors. However, story by story the mysteries of the Universe become known.

Japanese bath recipe

Can’t make it to the hot springs? A Japanese-Style Yuzu Bath Recipe

Create the Japanese hot springs experience at home. This bath recipe contains yuzu, green tea and essential oils that will leave your skin clear and moist like rice mochi dough.

lotus flower

Is Your Inner Critic Out Of Control? This Goddess Kuan Yin Beauty Ritual Invokes Infinite Compassion

This ritual calls in the Buddhist Goddess's loving energy stream. May her healing waters wash away the bitter wounds of criticism so that you find peace.

Monkey Pose: a sacred reminder to leap with love and devotion

Whether you're at the beginning of your journey or at the climax, Hanuman helps you navigate the challenges of your life with heart-filled devotion and divine duty. Learn the story behind his sacred yoga pose, Hanumanasana or Monkey Pose.