Do you hear the sweet calls of sacred lands? For no rhyme or reason, your heart strings pull you towards their healing energies. But when you arrive, you discover more than ancient temples and fabulous food. Layer by layer, mythic stories from our ancestors unveil powerful spiritual messages.

If you hear the call, spiritual travel provides golden nuggets of ancient wisdom so that you can truly heal your mind, body and spirit.

Venus retrograde

Venus Retrograde Perfume DIY to rekindle your heart's desires

This Venus retrograde perfume DIY, inspired by the Goddess Ishtar, opens the heart to rekindle any dormant desires. May it bring more fulfilment and harmony to your relationships.


Ancient Norse Magic for the Modern Manifestor — a rune for every intention

Runes are powerful agents of change. These magical scripts from the Viking age have the power to awaken the subconscious with your intentions as you go about your day.

Tree of Life

Uncover the Secrets of the Tree of Life to step into your creative powers

The Tree of Life is depicted in over 35 mythological traditions around the world. Uncover the secret meaning behind the mythic tree, and learn how to apply its secrets to your modern day life.