Are you ready to turn your dreams into reality? You’re a manifestation powerhouse with the magical mojo to manifest your dreams, no matter how big they may seem. With these stories, you’ll wizz by obstacles on a fearless path to success.

Top 8 Most Common Sacred Shapes and How to Harness their Powers

Everything in nature is made up of geometrical patterns and designs. And each shape has a symbolic meaning, which corresponds to a distinct energetic vibration. Read the article to learn about the most common shapes, as well as how to leverage their powers.

Air, Earth, Fire & Water: use the elements to manifest your dreams

Learn how to balance the elemental scales in the body to clear away the head smog, so that the perfect path to reach your goals unfolds.

6 Tools for Self-empowerment to courageously follow your dreams

Harness the powers of astrology, sound healing, plant medicine, yoga and crystals to activate your solar plexus chakra and act on your soul’s calling.