Are you an artist, musician, dancer, filmmaker, writer or crafter? Take a break from analysis and practice the intuitive arts to help you step into your creative potential.

The intuitive arts include activities that help you connect to your higher self and the divine, including tarot, reflective writing and sacred dance. In other words, these spiritual activities bring a new perspective to the creative problem.


Is It Intuition — Or Magic? Understanding The Secret Language Of Tarot

What if your soul came with a stunning storybook that describes the complex characters and themes in your life? Well, it does! Tarot is a mirror to our souls, reflecting inner wisdom that resides in the depths of the subconscious. When we pull those magical cards, nuggets of wisdom surface to the conscious mind.

7 Questions To Make 2020 The Most Creative Year Yet

As we come to the year’s end, take advantage of this powerful time for reflection with these reflective writing questions. Turning inward as this cycle closes will help you gain perspective so that you can set a solid foundation for your dreams in the 2020s.