Green Healers ebb and flow with the beat of the planet. With plant medicine, they connect with Mother Nature, harnessing her power for holistic healing and vibrant health. Learn how to step into your inner green healer.

magical oils

Dream Big Intention Mist for launching your bright ideas

Are you ready to expand into the unknown? To break past the limits of what you thought was possible? This intention mist gives you the courage, strength and insight to birth your bright ideas into the world.

sacred oils for chakra healing

Essential Oils To Activate Your Chakras From Mother Earth To the Cosmos

Here is a simple guide to opening the chakras with essential oils, in order to become a clear channel and live an extraordinary life.

How to make a Crystal Water Elixir for use in beauty products

This crystal water elixir recipe is my go-to for adding a little umph to baths, toners and serums. Adding just a touch of this magic will elevate your beauty rituals so that you’re glowing from the inside out.

Air, Earth, Fire & Water: use the elements to manifest your dreams

Learn how to balance the elemental scales in the body to clear away the head smog, so that the perfect path to reach your goals unfolds.