Let astrology be your guide with cosmic self-care and musings. When you ebb and flow with the cosmic cycles, a sense of wonder infuses your everyday world. More importantly, you are a clear channel for divine inspiration and wisdom.

Gemini season

How To Harness the Power of Gemini Season to Find Your Authentic Voice

To ride the Gemini wave, this sacred shower ritual opens the throat chakra. When your throat chakra is activated, your deep soul truth spills from your lips and you have one authentic face to everyone.

Venus retrograde

Venus Retrograde Perfume DIY to rekindle your heart’s desires

This Venus retrograde perfume DIY, inspired by the Goddess Ishtar, opens the heart to rekindle any dormant desires. May it bring more fulfilment and harmony to your relationships.

Mars sign

How To Step Into Your Power, According To Your Mars Sign

Do you dream of leading your community with bold courage? We all have an inner queen that can inspire positive change through powerful words and meaningful relationships. Let’s head to Mars to reveal your leadership style.

Mercury retrograde

Reflect & Restore — A Mercury Retrograde Ritual For Cosmic Clarity

This Mercury retrograde ritual helps to harness the power of this introspective season. May it bring cosmic clarity to move in the direction of your soul’s purpose.

Goddess Venus

What Kind Of Lover Are You? 4 Goddess Archetypes For Your Venus Sign

When you dive into your Venus placement in astrology, you learn how you approach matters of the heart. Each Venus sign has distinct characteristics and needs that corresponds to a goddess archetype. Who is your goddess archetype in love?