Energy – Power – Enthusiasm

You have a phenomenal amount of energy inside you. The only reason you don’t feel this energy… is because you block it.

– Michael Singer

Named after the Latin word for cherry, carnelian is the gemstone version of a shot of Italian espresso.

This sunset colored stone was a stunning fashion accessory for kings and queens since the beginning of time.

In ancient Egypt, carnelian was worn to repel the Evil Eye and bring inner peace. The array of red-orange-yellow colors honored the sun god, Ra, whose legends spread all the way to Rome. Thus, carnelian represented power, physical strength, wealth, and authority across the ancient world.


  • Boosts your energy, motivation, and stamina, while promoting creativity
  • Adds a little sexual flavor and passion to the bedroom
  • Helps you stand tall when facing challenges
  • Increases your analytical and problem solving skills
  • Enhances awareness of your emotional state, while banishing feelings of envy, fear, rage and sorrow

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