Ashley Nicole Sarikaya

Founder and Editor of Mystic Muse Magazine
Ashley Nicole Sarikaya is a creative, mystic and Editor of Mystic Muse Magazine.
  • Her Healing: belly dance, sacred oils and crystals
  • Her Superpowers: ecstatic shimmies, playful words and magical illustrations
  • Her Sign: Leo Sun, Libra Moon, Virgo Rising, 5 Life Path

Articles by Ashley Nicole Sarikaya:

ancient astrology

Ancient Astrology: A Fascinating History + Techniques Every Astrologer Should Try

Dive into the history of astrology, and learn two ancient astrology techniques to improve your practice.

ancient Greek wisdom

8 Tips to find happiness, according to Ancient Greek Philosophers

School’s in session! In this mythic auditorium, the ancient Greek philosophers set us on a path toward happiness.

amethyst properties

Unlock the Magic of Ancient Greece and Rome with these Crystals

Bring an enchanting glow to your space with these eight crystals used by the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Mystic Travel Magazine

Confessions of a Travel Junkie: Why I Started Mystic Travel Magazine

I’ve always been a wandering soul with an insatiable curiosity. Learn how my obsession with travel turned into my dream job.

karma, destiny and the natal chart

Free Will, Fate and Destiny in the Natal Chart

Is there free will? And if so, does that mean we are not subject to fate or destiny? An astrologist explores.

lomilomi at home

How To Give Yourself A Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage

Roll up your sleeves and get your hands oily with massage oil. We’re channeling the aloha spirit with a simple lomilomi practice.

healing bath recipe

Sea Goddess Bath Salts DIY to reap all the benefits of the sea

Submerge in the sea’s salty waters with these bath salts. The recipe includes seaweed for healing, and to restore the skin’s suppleness.

Ancient Secrets from the Hawaiian Kahunas

Hawaiian Kahunas Reveal 7 Ancient Secrets

What are the universal laws of nature? And how can we use them to manifest our desires? The Hawaiian kahunas explain.