Ashley Nicole Sarikaya

Founder and Editor of Mystic Muse Magazine
Ashley Nicole Sarikaya is a creative, mystic and Editor of Mystic Muse Magazine.
  • Her Healing: belly dance, sacred oils and crystals
  • Her Superpowers: ecstatic shimmies, playful words and magical illustrations
  • Her Sign: Leo Sun, Libra Moon, Virgo Rising, 5 Life Path

Articles by Ashley Nicole Sarikaya:

Kintsugi craft

Kintsugi Craft DIY to alchemize old wounds

In this Japanese craft, we will repair broken pottery with gold-dusted lacquer, as we heal any emotional scars.

solar plexus chakra healing

3 Lifestyle Shifts to step into your personal power and confidence

When you feel weak, tired, and confused about your purpose, use these three lifestyle shifts to balance your solar plexus chakra.

ancient egypt

The Mind-blowing Magic of Ancient Egypt

Learn how the pyramids awaken the six senses to a world beyond the veil. A world where the fires of ancient wisdom burn bright.

chakra healing dance

An Ex-Gymnast Spills the Root of Anxiety & How To Heal

The story of an ex-gymnast’s severe anxiety, and overall root chakra imbalance. Plus, four tips to heal.

losing a loved one

What I Learned From Losing A Loved One

As I’ve been processing the death of my brother, I’ve been following the signs down memory lane. Here is what I learned from loss.


Why is Glastonbury so magical? 4 Mystical Answers

A modern mecca of a new civilization has rolled in with the Avalonian fog. Here are four reasons why Glastonbury is so magical.


The Ancient Key to Unlock Your Creative Genius

97 percent of our DNA never gets activated. But what if it did? And how can we activate it? Our ancestors may have the key.

moon sign meaning

Unlock your Emotional Blueprint: Self-Care for Every Moon Sign

Learn about your emotional needs, and indulge in your moon sign’s self-care activities and crystals.