Ashley Nicole Sarikaya

Creator of Mystic Muse Magazine

Ashley Nicole Sarikaya is a writer, mystic and the Creator of Mystic Muse magazine.

Her Healing: yoga, belly dance and crystals
Her Superpowers: ecstatic shimmies, playful words and magical designs
Her Sign: Leo Sun, Libra Moon, Virgo Rising, 5 Life Path

Articles by Ashley Nicole Sarikaya:

Sun signs in astrology

Sun Signs in Astrology: Your Heroic Archetype on your Life Journey

Discover the hero or heroine which best represents the essence of your Sun sign, as well as your heroic mission and life lessons.

rising signs in astrology

Rising Signs in Astrology: Your Road to Shine like the Sun

Read about your rising sign in astrology to discover your path to realizing your highest potential.

favorite myths

My favorite myths of all time and their wisdom

These ancient myths help to explore metaphysical topics, the Universe, and your most authentic self.

numerology 7

Numerology Insights: the Magic of the Number 7

Is the number 7 appearing to you in dreams or your waking life? Discover the meaning of seven.

Pluto in Aquarius

My surprising astrological revelation while binge-watching the Harry and Meghan documentary

Astrology predictions for 2023 and beyond with a deep dive into Pluto in Aquarius.


Signs you’re clairaudient + how to develop your psychic gift

Take this clairaudient test, and learn how to develop clairaudience to hear higher dimensional frequencies.

witch quiz

What Type of Witch Are You? Quiz

A white witch sparks positive change with her rituals and spell work. But the method to her magic may vary depending on her soul gifts.

chakra sound healing

How To Detect and Heal Unbalanced Chakras to promote radiant health

Learn how to detect a chakra imbalance before it becomes a physical illness, plus how to heal it with the Solfeggio Frequencies.