Ashley Nicole Sarikaya

Founder and Editor of Mystic Muse Magazine
Ashley Nicole Sarikaya is a creative, mystic and Editor of Mystic Muse Magazine.
  • Her Healing: belly dance, sacred oils and crystals
  • Her Superpowers: ecstatic shimmies, playful words and magical illustrations
  • Her Sign: Leo Sun, Libra Moon, Virgo Rising, 5 Life Path

Articles by Ashley Nicole Sarikaya:


Signs you’re clairaudient + how to develop your psychic gift

Take this clairaudient test, and learn how to develop clairaudience to hear higher dimensional frequencies.

witch quiz

What Type of Witch Are You? Quiz

A white witch sparks positive change with her rituals and spell work. But the method to her magic may vary depending on her soul gifts.

chakra sound healing

How To Detect and Heal Unbalanced Chakras to promote radiant health

Learn how to detect a chakra imbalance before it becomes a physical illness, plus how to heal it with the Solfeggio Frequencies.

turkish coffee fortune

The Art of Divination: learn how to predict the future with coffee grounds

Learn about the history of coffee in Turkey and how to read coffee grounds like a falci or fortune teller.

how to raise your frequency

Map Your Emotional Frequency and How To Raise your Vibration

Associated with a low frequency, toxic emotions diminish our power, energy, and abundance. Learn how to raise the vibration.

magazine for mystics and healers

I was stuck in “being” mode + What’s next for Mystic Muse

Mystic Muse isn’t just a muse for my readers. It’s also my muse. Find out what’s next for the digital magazine.

the truth about addiction

The Hard Truth About Drug Addiction that nobody talks about

A yogi’s perspective on drug addiction, stigma, and karma, plus an easy technique to change all unhealthy behavior patterns.


The powerful healing method you wish you knew sooner

Learn how to use mudras for instant healing without memorizing dozens of hand gestures.