Ashley Nicole Sarikaya

Founder and Editor of Mystic Muse Magazine
Ashley Nicole Sarikaya is a creative, mystic and Editor of Mystic Muse Magazine.
  • Her Healing: belly dance, sacred oils and crystals
  • Her Superpowers: ecstatic shimmies, playful words and magical illustrations
  • Her Sign: Leo Sun, Libra Moon, Virgo Rising, 5 Life Path

Articles by Ashley Nicole Sarikaya:

healing bath recipe

Sea Goddess Bath Salts DIY to reap all the benefits of the sea

Submerge in the sea’s salty waters with these bath salts. The recipe includes seaweed for healing, and to restore the skin’s suppleness.

Ancient Secrets from the Hawaiian Kahunas

Hawaiian Kahunas Reveal 7 Ancient Secrets

What are the universal laws of nature? And how can we use them to manifest our desires? The Hawaiian kahunas explain.

The Age of Aquarius

Looking into the Future — The Age of Aquarius

A new era is on the horizon. One that is bizarre, innovative, and blindingly bright. Discover what the Age of Aquarius may bring.

Japanese Reiki

Reiki: A Guide to Self-Healing, the Japanese Way

Inspired by the Japanese tradition, this practice promotes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance.

clear quartz properties

4 Crystals to connect with the lost land of Lemuria

Lemuria was a legendary landmass where multidimensional beings prospered for many years. Use these crystals to bring the magic of Lemuria to life.

Number 5 numerology

Numerology Insights: the Magic of the Number 5

Is the number 5 appearing to you? Or maybe you’re navigating a five life path or a five year in numerology (hello 2021!). Discover the meaning of the number 5.

past life quiz

Who were you in a past life? Quiz

Were you a passionate Avalonian? Or perhaps you were an ancient Egyptian, psychic and between worlds?

japanese archetype

What’s Your Japanese Archetype? Quiz

We all hold Japanese wisdom in our hearts. The question is: which archetype matches your soul gifts?