Are you a thermo-shifter? How To change the energy in any space

Do you get overwhelmed in a negative space?

My inner psycho-meter has always been aware of subtle energies. I can feel the crippling fear, green envy, and buzzing anxiety of others. The toxic vibes permeate the room like rancid gas spewing out of a sewer pipe. Eventually, the energetic temperature drops to a lethal level. Beep, beep, BEEP — my internal alarm rings. Hawk eyes on the exit, I flee at the first opportunity.

During my teens at a chilling Catholic high school, I would often use the ‘sick card’ to leave school before lunch. After all, the only good thing about lunches was the turkey croissant sandwiches. ‘To go, please!’

And in college, I almost never went to class and avoided most social events. Hence, my nickname, ‘the Hermit’. But I think ‘the Happy Hermit’ would have been a better fit. Yes, I loved my solitary life surrounded by books, incense, and half-baked creations.

But perhaps fleeing from stinky vibes is justifiable? After all, the Law of Contagion states that if two people make physical contact (within 12 inches, according to most energy workers), they are always connected. FOREVER.

So do you really want to be connected to Scary Larry forever?

Sometimes we don’t have a choice. We HAVE TO sit through Thanksgiving dinner with racist Uncle Billy or the corporate circus act.

But sometimes we have a choice. We can sneak out the back door. Goodbye, bad vibes! I’m off to take a l-o-n-g, sage-infused salt bath.

It’s tempting to retreat and recover. But we can’t run away from bad vibes. After all, we’re all interconnected. Separation or ‘us versus them’ is an illusion. Of course, we understand this concept now more than ever, due to the COVID pandemic.

So if we can’t avoid negative energy, what can we do?

I believe that we can raise the vibes of our surroundings. Because serving the greater good benefits us personally. Indeed, our well-being depends on the health of the whole.

How To change the energy of a room

Inspired by Sage Goddess’s Soul Shift program, this practice helps to change the energy in a room. And ultimately, to make the world a better place.

  • Call in your energy to present time. Notice the energy of the room. What does it feel like? You may hold any third eye chakra crystals, such as sapphire, iolite, or fluorite, to enhance your intuition.
  • In your mind’s eye, draw a white circle around the room in a clockwise direction.
  • Imagine that there is a small portal like a pool table pocket in each corner of the room.
  • Imagine that the negative energy looks like a gooey blue liquid. Now watch the liquid flow down the portals so that Mother Earth can transmute it into reusable light energy.
  • In your mind’s eye, create small portals in the ceiling. From the portals, imagine shimmering gold flecks showering your space with peace, love, and healing.
  • Now seal up the portals on the floor and on the ceiling.
  • Disconnect the protective circle by drawing a circle in a counter-clockwise direction.
  • Perform the energy reading again. Can you feel the difference?
how to change energy

How do you change the energy? Share your practice in the comments!

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Photos by Coral Antler Creative and Zori Art Photography

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