Boom, crackle, pop! Two tectonic plates rub together, causing a sharp break in the earth’s crust. Lava, poisonous gases, ashes and magma are set free from Mother Earth’s boiling chamber. And eventually, a voluptuous volcano is formed. The newborn stands stately and proud on the rich soil. But she does have a fiery temper. And when it flares, bubbling lava spills down her sides and smoky fumes are thrown up into the air. Oh the chaos and destruction!

But alas, destruction clears the way for new growth and life. When massive volcanoes erupted in the Pacific, the most fertile lands of them all emerged from the watery abyss.

Yes, all that destruction created a lush tropical paradise buzzing with mana, or sacred power. Sensitive souls can feel the alchemical swirl of powerful earth, air, fire and water energies. The cooled lava brings passion, courage and fearless expansion. The salty Pacific Ocean washes away toxins. Obsidian and peridot gemstones blanket the beaches, bringing grounding and wisdom. And a nice ocean breeze inspires clarity and perspective.

Immersed in this vibrant paradise, the earth speaks loud and clear.  Flashing rainbow lights and a gentle ocean breeze are suddenly given new meaning. And eventually a special relationship is formed with ‘aina, the spirit of the land. A loving and respectful relationship that is oh so real.


Energetic Archetypes

Hawaiian Goddess Hina

The sexy and savvy Hawaiian goddess captures the attention of both men and Gods alike.

Polynesian Goddess Pele

The bold goddess of all things fire and volcanoes can blaze a trail of either ash or new life — depending on her volatile mood.

Photo by Nacho Garin Photos on Creative Market


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