From the exotic rainforests to the stunning savannah, we took our first baby steps as a human family in Africa. Our ancient roots still retain its influence in sacred ceremonies, dance and music. The calls of the wild invite you to uncover the ancient secrets of our ancestors. To be held by their memories. To look a little deeper.


Energetic Archetypes

Goddess Hara Ke

The West African goddess of sweet water brings new life and abundance to the earth and our lives.

Goddess Mawu

Mawu, the African goddess of the night, moon and motherhood, uses her gentle yin energy to create the earth and all life on it from clay.


Goddess Bast

Known as the “Eye of Ray”, the Egyptian goddess showers sensual sparks in the home with her fierce protection and loving care.

Goddess Hathor

The guardian of the sky, beauty, love and music guides the dead to their next life.

Goddess Isis

Isis, the goddess of marriage, motherhood, and magic invites us to see our wounds and losses as opportunities for growth and renewal.

Goddess Ma’at

Ma’at, the goddess of divine truth and justice, untangles those tough knots of your life to create balance and harmony.

Goddess Sekhmet

Sekhmet, the goddess of war and healing, teaches us to have the courage and assertiveness to protect what’s rightfully ours.

Goddess Seshat

Seshat, the goddess of writing and measurement, is the ruler of the cosmic library of the world’s knowledge of history, science, mathematics, medicine and magic.

Photo by Hu Chen on Unsplash


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