Ancient Norse Magic for the Modern Manifestor — a rune for every intention

Personal development — is it a modern day curiosity? Or did our ancestors set intentions to develop their talents and improve their lives too?

Imagine a burly Viking warrior on a venture to wage mayhem on the next poor village. He may not have showered in ages. But priorities people! Before boarding the ship, there were animals to sacrifice and magical symbols to carve.

Life may have been different for our Viking ancestors, but they thought about personal development too. In fact, some argue that their spiritual awareness was far superior to our own (on a global level that is).

And it’s not so difficult to imagine why. Our ancestors didn’t have the luxuries of blazing screens from the comfort of cushy chairs that contort the posture. Nor did they have exotic food laced with pesticides and stuffed with curious chemicals. Our modern day life sounds luxurious. But is it really?

The Vikings honored the cycles of nature, Mother Earth, and lived between the spirit and earthly realms. They were magical souls with cosmic knowledge of manifestation magic and divination techniques.

The Runes

And can you guess their go-to magical tool for expanding consciousness? The runes, or the collection of magical scripts, believed to have originated in the northern Italian alpine region between 50 and 200 C.E.


During the Viking age, the runes aided in divination and to preserve spiritual stories from Norse myth. And who knows, without the runes, many of the ancient Norse songs and incantations may be lost to the depths of the icy northern seas.

For the modern manifestor, runes are powerful agents of change. Each rune is a symbol for an energy stream — from love and fortune to health and protection. The Vikings believed that carving the rune onto stone, wood, bone, metal (or anything really!) invoked the rune’s energy stream.

And they were right on with the power of symbols in manifestation. One of the most difficult parts of manifesting is keeping the subconscious crystal clear and free from negative beliefs.

You can light your green candle and set your intentions for financial abundance. But, if the subconscious has a poverty playlist on repeat, financial abundance will remain a pipe dream.

So, how can we change our limiting subconscious beliefs?

Symbols can help. Symbols have the power to communicate complex ideas and intentions beyond the physical realm. Penetrating deep into the psyche, they awaken the subconscious while we go about our day.

A Rune for Every Intention

What is on your heart these days? Do you desire more harmony in relationships or maybe a new home sweet home?

Work with the corresponding rune to invoke its archetypal energy. You can visualize the rune, doodle it in your journal, wear it as an accessory or even sport it as a flash tattoo.

Here are the top ten runes for manifestation magic:

1 – Fehu

Fehu, cattle (aka abundance for the modern human), is the ultimate Norse lucky charm for manifesting financial wealth.

2 – Othala

Othala, or othila, meaning ancestral hall, is the rune for calling in a new home or major possession. It can also signify feeling at home in your body or wherever you may be in the world.

3 – Berkano

Berkano, or berkana, means birch tree. This is the ultimate creativity rune, used for birthing new life, a baby business, creative projects or new relationships.

4 – Kenaz

Kenaz, meaning torch, lights up your relationships with all the warm and fuzzy feels. This loving rune calls in emotional fulfilment and harmonious relationships.

5 – Wunjo

Wunjo brings in a handful of joy, pleasure and bliss. Known as the “wishing rune,” it invokes positivity to attract your desires.

6 – Ehwaz

Ehwaz, or horse, signifies movement and travel. Aside from being a great rune for globetrotting, it also helps to shift in a new direction in your career or life in general.

7 – Raihdo

Raihdo, also a travel rune, means riding or adventure. It can also signify the journey of life, and vision questing to realms beyond.

8 – Ansuz

Ansuz refers to Odin, the all mighty Norse god. It relates to how you communicate and express yourself.

9 – Sowilo

Sowilo, or sowulo, means the sun. Naturally, this rune represents the Source or Higher Self, and helps to spark enlightenment.

10 – Dagaz

Dagaz, or daybreak, is another spiritual rune, but a bit more grounded in the earthly blessings. It represents the sun’s rays and thus the connection with the sacred light to receive flashes of divine insight.

Of course, feel free to use your intuition to personalize these correspondences to reflect your inner world. The true book of runes is always the one carried at heart center.

What runes are you working with? And what are you manifesting? Share in the comments!

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