An Ex-Gymnast Spills the Root of Anxiety & How To Heal

From 2004 to 2009-ish, I had a severe root chakra imbalance. I mean, anxiety, an eating disorder, insomnia, financial problems, you name it! I had all the symptoms of an unhealthy root chakra.

It all started a few months before the USA Gymnastics Olympic Trials. After a brutal fall from the uneven parallel bars, I broke my shinbone. And suddenly, my childhood dream of going to the Olympics was no longer in the cards.

For the next year, I sat immobile in a cast. When one injury healed, another one replaced it. And then, I blacked out. 

I was on the uneven parallel bars (again!) in a spotting belt when the ropes got tangled around the bar. As I let go to finish my dismount, the ropes thrust me back into the bar like a tight rubber band. 

Wham! I crushed my nose before passing out. The ambulance then came and rushed me to the hospital.

My larger-than-average nose (thanks dad) saved my life that day. And I was blessed with the best trauma plastic surgeon in the state.

With a titanium plate in my cheek, a cracked forehead, a nose job and stitches all over my face, I went back to gymnastics.

Why? Fear.

Yes, crippling fear — the root of anxiety. But shockingly, I wasn’t afraid of the uneven parallel bars, dangerous gymnastics moves or scary coaches. That was all familiar terr(or)itory.

I was afraid of life without gymnastics. After all, who was I without gymnastics? More so, how would I get into college or earn a living without it?

And so, I continued on the fated path of a gymnast for another three years, ignoring divine messages from the Universe and my Higher Self.

As you can imagine this story got worse before it got better. But thankfully, I eventually listened to my intuition and hopped on a more aligned path.

In hindsight, I learned these four things from that experience. I believe that these tips can help anyone that feels stuck and afraid.

  1. Listen and act on intuitive hunches. Your intuition is always right.
  2. Follow the bliss. The thing that lights you up is guiding you towards your higher purpose.
  3. Don’t escape in dreamworld. Instead, be in your body. It’s the secret to manifesting your dreams.
  4. Your wounds are the best teachers.

Have you ever felt stuck in your life? How did you shift the energy? Share in the comments.

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