An Aztec Crystal Healing Ritual for radiant health

Are you feeling less than 100%? The Aztecs believed that an unbalanced lifestyle exposes you to evil spirits (aka disease). And I think we can all attest to that icky feeling we get after overdoing ice cream, wine, loud music or anything really! Naturally, restoring health back to its vibrant ideal was a careful practice of balancing the scales in the body.

In the Aztec empire, the sick would get treated at a family medical practice where medical knowledge was passed down from generation to generation. The Aztec healers would then use black obsidian, herbs and rituals to heal the mind, body and spirit. With a clear energetic channel from the earth to the heavens, the Aztecs cultivated radiant health and ultimately, an extraordinary empire.

This traditional Aztec ritual from Sage Goddess’s Soul Shift program harnesses the power of black obsidian to clear the energetic field and promote radical healing. Described as “hardened fire” by the Aztecs, black obsidian clears away the smog of toxic energy so that you feel healthy from the inside out. With Great Spirit leading the way, let’s embark on a transformational healing ritual.

What You Need

  • Copal resin
  • Charcoal disk
  • Incense burner
  • Lighter
  • Single terminated black obsidian wand (rounded bottom and pointed top)

Burn Copal Resin

First, set the mood by burning copal resin. Feel the warm smoke washing away everything that no longer serves you.

burning copal resin

Find Stress Points

Next, hold your black obsidian wand in your dominant hand at the palm. If you don’t have a wand, your index finger works just fine. Find any tense points in the body with the pointed top of the wand. After lightly touching the stress point, release the energy by moving the wand up and away from your body. Then, touch the dull end of the wand to the earth, letting the earth compost the negative energy.

Aztec crystal healing

Open the Shoulders

We will now focus on opening the shoulders. Using the dull end of the wand, massage it around your shoulder joint in a clockwise direction. Stop at the top of your shoulder. Now glide the wand down your arm to the base of your thumb.

Aztec crystal healing

Warning: As the Aztecs use to say, “don’t break the fire line!” In other words, make sure you draw a continuous line down the body, without lifting the wand up. If you accidentally break the line, restart the process from the beginning of Step 3.


Thumb — Fire

Next, we will work on the thumb, symbolic of the element of fire. Continue to glide the wand to the tip of your thumb to release worry and grief. Now bring the wand back towards your heart to the base of the palm to call in passion.

Aztec crystal healing

Index Finger — Air

Now we will focus on the index finger, which represents the element of air. Simply glide the wand down the index finger to release fear, and glide it back towards your heart to call in peace.


Middle Finger — Spirit

The middle finger is next, which symbolizes spirit. Again, glide the wand down the middle finger to release anger, and glide it back to call in stability.

Aztec crystal healing

Ring Finger — Earth

We will now focus on the ring finger, symbolic of the element of earth. Glide the wand down the ring finger to release inauthenticity, and glide it back to call in authentic expression and good fortune.


Pinky Finger — Water

Next, we will work on the pinky finger, which represents the element of water. Glide the wand down the pinky finger to release unworthiness, and glide it back to call in sovereignty.


Repeat on the other arm

When you’re finished, glide the wand back up your arm to your shoulder and across your chest to the other arm. Repeat Steps 3 – 8.

Aztec crystal healing

Heart Healing

Glide the wand to your heart. Using small circular movements, massage the heart area.

Aztec crystal healing

Chakra Healing

Feel free to massage the wand into any other areas of your body that need some extra TLC. Consider where you have any chakra imbalances. And release the negative energy by placing the dull end of the wand on the earth.


Purify your Wand

Lastly, purify your wand in the copal smoke.

Ready to unlock your innate healing powers? Watch the crystal healing ritual on Mystic Muse’s Youtube channel.

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Photos by Zori Art Photography

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