Balance – Grounding – Protection

Along this journey we have the ability to, at any given moment, find our center. The singular point from which everything revolves, from which everything radiates. This nexus of connection to the truest self holds the power to turn dreams into reality and thoughts into life.

– Nicole Lindstrom, Wanderlust

Once Upon A Time

Moses was tasked to craft a magical breastplate for his brother Aaron, the high priest. This brilliant breastplate was to be worn over the heart to facilitate divine communication with God.

First, Moses carefully arranged twelve gemstones on the breastplate. Next, on each stone he inscribed one of the twelve names of the tribes of Israel. One of the twelve precious gemstones selected for this magical breastplate was agate. Known as shebuw in Hebrew, agate was a portal to higher dimensions of awareness.


  • Promotes balance, grounding, and protection
  • Can help you discern honest and disingenuous people
  • Helps overcome depression and anxiety, while promoting feelings of peace and optimism
  • Boosts deep rest and dream recall

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