About the Spiritual Magazine

Mystic Muse is an online spiritual magazine for modern mystics and healers to step into their limitless potential.

In our million miles a minute world, it’s hard to find clarity and purpose. Racing from one fire to the next, we miss out on synchronicities and divine messages. Instead, we see bills, laundry, and emails piling up till our death date. And we see flaws in ourselves and others. So we scroll and we swipe… filling our souls with ‘not so enlightening’ content.

Naturally, our energetic channel is B-L-O-C-K-E-D like the 405 freeway on a Friday afternoon (pre-pandemic, of course). What does this mean? This means that we aren’t fully accessing our innate creativity, psychic powers, and spiritual connection to the Universe. But more importantly, we aren’t as compassionate as we should be.

Perhaps this is why 97 percent of our DNA never gets activated, according to scientists. In any case, it’s never too late to activate our superpowers.

I believe that we are all cosmic beings with powerful gifts to manifest magic in the world. Yes, we are truly made of stardust. This online magazine is dedicated to sharing tips, information, and musings to propel you along the path of self-actualization.

Gone are the days of mindless pushing against the tides. We are all being called to embrace our soul gifts to heal, nurture, and create a more beautiful world.

My vision is that our spiritual stories bring awe-inspiring wonder and beauty to your everyday life. And ultimately, they empower you to step into your highest potential to create any dream you dare to dream.

About Ashley

Hi, I’m Ashley! I’m a born and raised California girl turned expat of Switzerland. My story has had a lot of twists, turns, flips and falls. In short, it’s been an amazing roller coaster of a ride.

I spent my childhood in the gym, training to become the next gymnastics olympian. Since I can remember, I have had a fearless spirit that jumped into out-of-this-world moves. This ability to jump into the unknown with gusto became an ongoing trend in my life, even after gymnastics.

After 18 years of living mostly upside down, I felt my soul’s niggle for something more.

Like a true fire sign (hello Aries Mars!), I left the UCLA gymnastics team with a blaze and packed my bags for my soul search around the world.


From Italy, Greece, France, Turkey and Switzerland, I reinvented myself one country at a time – learning the local language and adding a multicultural dimension to my circle of friends. I loved immersing myself in another world. The change of scenery, language, food and lifestyle fascinated me.

My insatiable curiosity led me to editorial and design work at international organizations, the private sector and NGOs, including the United Nations, the World Health Organization, Nestle and IMD Business School.

While forging a communications career, I devoured books on astrology, spirituality, the intuitive arts, and alternative healing practices. I also became a certified astrologer through Rebecca Gordon’s astrology school, as well as a certified crystal master, energy healer, alchemist, and initiated priestess through Sage Goddess.

Mystic Muse was born!

In 2018, I merged my passions for storytelling and the intuitive arts, founding Mystic Muse.

I’ve always loved learning about the woo-niverse, but writing about it added a technicolored dimension to my life. As a Leo sun sign, I’m all about creative expression. With Virgo rising and Mercury on my ascendant (but lurking in the 12th house), writing is my ultimate creative channel. And with a Libra moon, I crave beautiful illustrations, harmonious designs, and soulful connections. Yes, Mystic Muse is an expression of my soul.

Still, do you know what’s the ultimate cherry-on-top? Connecting with fellow mystics like YOU. Yes, it’s more fun to fly as a loving and harmonious tribe. So thank you for being here!

Where to start

This online spiritual magazine has TONS of stories for the modern spiritual seeker. But don’t get lost in the multiverse! Here are some places you can beam to next:

  • Ancient Wisdom – healing rituals, sacred sites, self-care, wisdom teachings, and more
  • Astrology – celestial blueprints for self-actualization
  • Chakra Healing – tips to open your energetic channel from the earth to the cosmos
  • Crystal Healing – information about the unique frequency of each crystal, plus crystal healing practices
  • Elemental Healing – elemental healing practices for the newbie alchemist
  • Numerology – information about the mysterious meaning of numbers

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