About the Spiritual Magazine

Mystic Muse is an online spiritual magazine for modern mystics and healers to step into their limitless potential.

I believe that we are all cosmic beings with powerful soul gifts to ignite magic in the world. However, many people lose that vital connection with the cosmos, mother nature and the wise part of the Self.

This Higher Self knows no bounds. It has infinite knowledge of the universal principles for healing and manifestation magic. But, how do we access this inner wisdom?

I believe in the power of storytelling to rekindle those lost memories. When you paint a beautiful picture of an out of this world concept, it suddenly becomes a little less ambiguous. Maybe your conscious mind doesn’t fully understand it, but your subconscious mind soaks it up like a sponge.

And when stories are enhanced with the intuitive arts, the illumination process speeds up that much more. In time, these celestial concepts surface to consciousness and into our lives. And that’s when the magic happens!

Today, more and more people are waking up to their limitless creative potential. Gone are the days of mindless pushing against the tides. We are all being called to embrace our divine feminine gifts to heal, nurture and create a more beautiful world.

My vision is that our spiritual stories empower you to truly heal and step into your infinite potential to create any dream you dare to dream. When you enter our mystical temple, we strive to bring divine beauty and wonder to your everyday life. And ultimately, to help shift the world to a higher vibration filled with unconditional love.

About Ashley

Hi, I’m Ashley! I’m a born and raised California girl turned expat of Switzerland. My story has had a lot of twists, turns, flips and falls. In short, it’s been an amazing roller coaster of a ride.

I spent my childhood in the gym and ballet studio, training to be the next gymnastics Olympian. Since I can remember, I have had a fearless heart that courageous jumped into out-of-this-world moves. This ability to jump into the unknown with gusto became an ongoing trend in my life, even after gymnastics.

After 18 years of living mostly upside down, I felt my soul’s niggle for something more.

Ashley Nicole Sarikaya

Like a true fire sign, I left the UCLA gymnastics team with a blaze and packed my bags for my soul search around the world.


From Italy, Greece, France, Turkey and Switzerland, I reinvented myself one country at a time – learning the local language and adding a multicultural dimension to my circle of friends. I loved immersing myself in another world. The change of scenery, language, food and lifestyle fascinated me.

My insatiable curiosity led me to editorial and design work at international organizations, the private sector and NGOs, including the United Nations, the World Health Organization, Nestle and IMD Business School.

Ashley Nicole Sarikaya, illustrator and writer

While forging a communications career, I devoured books on astrology, spirituality, mythology, the intuitive arts and alternative healing practices. I also became a certified astrologer through Rebecca Gordon’s astrology school, as well as a certified crystal master, energy healer, alchemist, and initiated priestess through Sage Goddess.

Mystic Muse was born!

In 2018, I merged my passions for storytelling and the intuitive arts, founding Mystic Muse, then called Sarikaya Dreams. Learn about the magical story behind the name here.

This online spiritual magazine explores magical practices, astrology, numerology and energy healing with playful, vibrant stories for the modern spiritual seeker. Our spiritual stories bring awe-inspiring wonder, while empowering our readers to truly heal and manifest their dreams.


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