A Vibrational Healer shares her journey to holistic healing

Sharon Wesline is a Certified Reiki Practitioner, Crystal Healer, Integrated Energy Practitioner and Intuitive. Based in New York, she helps her clients heal and realign with their inner light through a combination of Reiki, her intuition, and communication with spirit guides.

I first met Sharon at a spiritual retreat in Los Angeles. I was instantly drawn to her magical, otherworldly, and angelic presence. After only a few minutes of meeting and greeting, I found myself pouring my deepest desires to her. And let me tell you, I didn’t even know some of these niggles even existed! Like a magnet they were pulled up from the depths of my soul, and set free. That’s some powerful magic!

The curious writer in me wanted to learn more about her and her journey. Here is the interview with Sharon:

Can you tell me about your spiritual journey?

I have always known that I had special abilities. As a child I had premonitions of things that were happening. I never saw the actual events, but I always FELT when something was off or followed my intuition to contact someone when something was wrong.

There was never an initial spark to my journey. I have always just been me. And being me often meant not fitting in or feeling at home. I have always walked my own path that most times did not make sense to others. That led me to sometimes question whether I was right or not, and unfortunately made myself smaller.

As for my calling, people have always come to me for advice or to feel better. Most of my life, I suffered from depression and anxiety. That path has had some light shed on it over the last couple of years when I connected the dots to those issues and being an empath. I have learned to ask myself the question “is this my emotion or that of someone else”.

For me, rock bottoms seem to be a great indication that transformational growth is on the horizon. Can you tell me about your rock bottom experience?

My rock bottom happened in my mid to late 40’s. I was living, and working, with an abusive person while both of my parents were dealing with terminal illnesses. This pushed my sense of needing to be the strong person and all things to all people all of the time to the limit.

Once I had buried both of my parents, I knew that my life could not continue in this manner any longer. I had “lost” my sense of self completely. My identity was forever changed. Everything that had defined me didn’t feel right anymore.

A friend of mine referred me to an Energy Alchemist and that’s when my life’s mission kicked into high gear. Working with her allowed me to make better choices for myself. And an amazing thing happened… the people around me started to notice a difference. They were asking me what I was doing because I was even starting to look different. My psychic abilities were also becoming enhanced.

I read everything I could get my hands on, and seeking out spiritual teachers. Simultaneously, I ended the personal relationship and left my job of almost 13 years. I was able to process, release and move forward.

Finally, I knew that I was ready to help others process, release and move forward too.

What are some of the tools you use to help your clients heal?

Each one of us needs to find our inner light and having someone to talk through things with is very helpful. Hearing our thoughts out loud and speaking our truth helps balance our chakras. I utilize vibrational healing with my clients, and Reiki to clear out old, stuck energy that is no longer serving them. This allows room for new, higher vibrational things to come to them.

I also teach them the power of their breath to bring themselves into the present moment and regulate their emotional and mental states. I encourage my clients to use crystals and essential oils to naturally entrain their vibration to a higher level. These tools do the “work” for you. Just holding or smelling them allows you to become in sync with them. The use of Solfeggio frequencies is another easy tool. Again, the “music” does the work for you.

I think the biggest transformation my clients can expect is a greater awareness of themselves. I assist them in getting to know who they really are. Most of my clients suffer from anxiety and depression and have psychic gifts. I think that a natural, spiritual approach to mental health helps people to discover that they have the ability to control their symptoms while exploring the inner truths behind the emotions. Shifting perspectives on how we look at life and our experiences can be life changing. Creating awareness creates a deeper self confidence and sense of personal power.

Interested in working with Sharon? You can find more information about her healing services on her website.

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