8 Ways To Harness The Power of Aries Season Without Leaving Your Home

Yesterday, I had an extreme pounding headache. You know, the kind that leaves you nauseous and dizzy.

I have always been a pretty calm and grounded person. However, in these times of quarantine, it’s been really hard to step away from the computer. The blazing screen and constant work messages sliced through my head like a sharp knife. Nevertheless, I continued to pound away at the keyboard.

Until finally, my heavy eyelids could no longer stay open, a desperate plea for a break. And in that moment, I shut off the computer and drifted away into a deep sleep.

In the midst of totally wild and uncertain times, it’s only natural to feel anxious and stressed. However, we have the power to choose how we respond. We can respond to life’s uncertainties from a place of fear or a place of love. It’s our choice!

A Brave Shift In Focus

Aries season is here to shift our collective focus to courageous love. The bold ram reminds us that we are more powerful than we know. Aries season presents an invitation to ride her powerful wave with a fearless heart.

In the spirit of a fresh start, take a moment to write down all the less than high vibes that you are releasing. It may be fear, anxiety, or the need to be in complete control.

Now it’s time to set your intentions for Aries season. Make sure to write them down in a special journal, on the wall or even on your mirror. Wherever you will see them most. Heck why not even flash tattoo them on your body!

And to really rock this Aries season, here are eight spiritual tools to bring more courageous Aries energy into your life. And guess what? You don’t even have to leave your home! May her fiery passion ignite the positive change you want to see in the world.

8 Ways To Harness The Power of Aries Season From Your Home


Burn, Baby, Burn!

Aries is a red hot fire sign. Channel your inner fire goddess by lighting a candle or incense. Use candles or incense made from her sacred plants, herbs and flowers, including rosemary, pink peppercorn, ginger, clove, helichrysum, hawthorn and honeysuckle.


Clear Your Head

Give your noggin a little TLC. The strong-willed, stubborn sign rules the head. Surprise, surprise! So, make sure to open the windows and give yourself a good scalp massage. That will surely clear your head so you’re ready to take decisive action in the direction of your intentions.


Concoct An Aries-Inspired Perfume

Scent offers more than the powers of seduction. Each essential oil embodies a specific energy stream. When its Aries season, use ginger, orange, amber and frankincense essential oils to awaken your inner ram. New to perfume making? This DIY perfume is inspired by the essence of Aries.


Make An Aries Mood Board

Create a mood board on Pinterest or a collage to step into your inner warrior goddess. Use shades of red and photos that call in bravery, courage and fearless love. You can add inspirational words and phrases. And of course, add images that represent your new projects on the horizon.


Kundalini Meditation for Courage

This Kundalini meditation, led by Gabby Bernstein, sparks courage and confidence. During your meditation, hold crystals associated with Aries for an added boost. Aries crystals include garnet, bloodstone, carnelian, fire agate and ruby.


A Hit Of Ginger

Bring on the brash, exciting flavours with a hit of ginger! This “cure-all” boosts vitality and immunity. The punchy plant also ignites thoughts into action, while cleansing the auric field. Rub a little ginger root powder on your body, sprinkle it in your bath tub, burn it as incense, or treat yourself to a cup of its tea.


Tea Time With The Ram

This Aries-inspired tea fuels the desire to kickstart any dream. Grab an adventure novel or travel guide and make yourself a hot cup of black tea. Next, add cayenne, clove and cardamom, and stir.


Unleash Your Courage With Durga Yoga

Step bravely into your heart with this Rasa Yoga Warrior Practice by Sianna Sherman. It includes a fearless heart activation and backbends, inspired by the Hindu Warrior Goddess Durga.

What are your intentions for this Aries season? And how are you calling in more Aries energy? Share in the comments!

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