7 Questions To Make 2020 The Most Creative Year Yet

Wow, 2019 just flew by! As a 12 Universal Year in numerology, 2019 was all about living more authentically in alignment with your higher self. You may have felt the call to shine your unique light a little brighter this year, even if it felt vulnerable.

I know for me, sharing this blog with corporate colleagues that even think essential oils are woo woo was scary. However, after the initial shock, even the most conservative muggles fully accepted me as part of the team. Phew! Only now, I show one authentic face to the world, and have bonded with a few new closet spiritual seekers along the way.

2019 was also a year for some powerful revelations about the past and how to move forward in the new decade. As we come to the year’s end, take advantage of this powerful time for reflection. Turning inward as this cycle closes will help you gain perspective so that you can set a solid foundation for your dreams in the 2020s. The 2020s are going to be your most creative decade yet!

Here are some reflective writing questions, inspired by Marie Forleo, to prepare for the new year. Brew some holiday or third eye opening tea, get cozy and let the words pour out of you and onto the paper.

  1. List all of your achievements over the past decade.
  2. What have you learned in the 2010s?
  3. Write down all of the habits, thoughts or projects that you are releasing.
  4. What do you want to create in the next decade and why? How will creating this make you feel?
  5. Now pick one project to focus on next year! I know this is a tough one. But it doesn’t mean you can’t do other things next year too. Just pick one focus area that you commit to working on every day.
  6. Do you need specific skills to create this? If so, what’s your plan to learn them?
  7. What does the future you in 2030 want you to know now?

What one thing are you creating in the new year? Share in the comments!

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