Hawaiian Kahunas Reveal 7 Ancient Secrets

In Hawaiian, huna means “secret.” But not just any superficial secret buried in your high school yearbook. Huna refers to secret esoteric knowledge. Knowledge that is hidden under layers of myths, chants and even lies. Think of huna as the Hawaiian equivalent of the word occult (from the Latin word occultus), which means “knowledge of the hidden”.

Like fine sea spray, huna permeates the island air. Misty and ethereal, it takes an exceptionally keen observation of nature to unravel these mysteries. Thankfully, everybody’s favorite Hawaiian kahuna can help.

In American slang, “big kahuna” means Boss (with a capital B). Yes, we tweaked the word a bit. In Hawaiian, a kahuna is a priest, magician, healer or really an expert in any field. After all, to reach a level of mastery as a surfer, marine biologist, hula dancer or what not, we need to work with the laws of nature (even if it’s only in the subconscious mind). 

But what are these universal laws? And how can we use them to manifest our desires? In the book, “Huna – Ancient Hawaiian Secrets for Modern Living,” Serge Kahili King, Ph.D. explains the mysterious huna philosophy, as told by Hawaiian kahunas. When we integrate these ancient teachings into daily life, it translates into outer success (as defined by you, of course). Yes, your dreams are magically turned into deeds. And that’s when life becomes an exciting adventure filled with shimmering opportunities.

Here are the seven secrets of the universe, according to King:


The world is what you think it is

How do you experience the world? Is it a magical place of infinite opportunities? Or is it a hostile environment swarming with greedy opportunists? Your personal experience of the world is an exact reflection of your thoughts. In other words, your mind influences your physical and emotional behavior, which, in turn, determines your personal experience.

For example, if you think your boyfriend is cheating on you with a sexy siren, you feel hurt and jealous. You then act angry towards him, and consequently, you experience betrayal (whether he cheated or not). But the story doesn’t end in your dark imagination. Those icky thoughts eventually manifest into form. So, your boyfriend may end up cheating on you in the future. After all, nothing can exist on the material plane without first starting out as a tiny seed in the mind.

So, how do you want to experience the world? It’s easy to slip into negative self-talk. Make sure you actually want to manifest those thoughts into physical form. And if not, rewire them.


There are no limits

In Hawaiian, A’ohe pu’u ki’eki’e ke ho’a’o ‘ia e pi’i means “no hill is too high to be climbed.” Yes, you can overcome that seemingly impossible obstacle. Why? Because all limits and boundaries only exist in the mind. In an infinite universe, anything is possible.

For the longest time, I placed a limit on the amount of money I could earn. I didn’t feel like I deserved to earn more than the specific dollar amount imagined in my head. One day, the HR department noticed that I was earning significantly less than my colleagues, and poof, the imaginary wall disappeared. Actually, I wish it were that easy. It takes years of inner work to remove imaginary limits, but awareness is the first step.

What limits and boundaries are blocking your dreams?


Energy flows where attention goes

In Hawaiian, he makau hala ‘ole means “a fishhook that never fails to catch”. The fishhook is focusing on catching a fish, and so, it eventually does. Why? Because the concentration of attention creates a concentration of energy. And that sizzling ball of energy has a creative effect in perfect alignment with the nature of the thoughts.

So, where are you focusing your attention? Are you focused on one area, or multiple areas?

As a mutable maven (ahem, seven planets in mutable signs in my astrological chart), I have hard time staying focused on one area. I’m a communications consultant, writer, dancer, astrologer, crystal healer (to name a few hats). Naturally, energy is dispersed across multiple areas. In this lifetime, I’m learning to direct and hold my attention on one goal at a time. As painful as it is, intense focus equals mega manifestation.


Power exists in the present moment

In 1778, a massive ship landed on the island of Kauai and a British man stepped off the ship, introducing himself as Captain Cook. After that historic date, the concept of time forever changed. Prior to Cook’s arrival, Hawaiians didn’t record time. Their language doesn’t even have a past or future tense. There was no need, as everything was related to the present moment.

Think about a past event. All you have are the memories of the event, which you respond to (positively or negatively) in the present moment. You can always change your relationship to that memory. The future functions in the same way. Psychics can illuminate the end of the road you are already traveling on. But you can always re-route (in the present moment, that is).

Naturally, the present moment is the only moment of power. In other words, manifestation doesn’t happen in the past or future. It happens in present time.

So, are you giving power away to a traumatic past or dwelling on the possibility of a not so ideal future? In the present moment, you have the power to change how you feel about the past, just like you can co-create a better future.


Love is happiness in action

The Hawaiian word for love is aloha, which means “to be happy with someone or something and to share that happiness”. For Hawaiians, love is not just a jolly feeling, it’s also an action. And a powerful action, to say the least.

In fact, love is the most powerful force on the planet to create positive change. When you add a spoonful of sweet love to your intention, it melts away any resistance and amplifies the energy. So, the greater the love, the greater the influence.

What are you passionate about? What do you love doing so much that you lose time? It’s one thing to say that you want to be an author, and quite another to say that you want to be an author because you LOVE writing.

Whatever lights you up, enjoy the process. I mean, really love the process. Because when you do, the object of your affection flows in greater quantities towards you.


Power comes from within

In Hawaiian, ukuli’i ka pua, onaona i ka ma’u means “the flower is tiny, yet it scents the grasses all around it”. In this metaphor, you are the tiny flower, and your actions spread like rolling waves. Yes, even small actions like a genuine smile or a bear hug can have big effects.

How? Your power doesn’t come from your skills, heritage, credentials, or an outside force. Ultimately, it comes from that divine spark within. What really matters is how you use it to affect the world around you.

So, what perfume are you emitting? Is it sweet and romantic? Or sour and bitter? And more importantly, is it intentional?

Fun Fact: flowers emit their perfume on purpose. Yes, their perfume beckons specific animals to help them pollinate. In return for the favor, flowers gift sweet nectar.


True success is measured in positive outcomes

You sent your intention out into the universe, and eventually you receive your order — a ‘big girl’ job at a huge corporation. How is your manifestation affecting the world? Does it bring personal fulfillment and improve people’s lives? Or does it wreak havoc on your health and wellbeing?

You may have achieved your goal, but true success is measured by the personal, social, and environmental consequences. When your manifestation has a positive affect on you personally, the people around you, and the world around them, the Hawaiian kahunas call it pono.

Which Hawaiian principle are you working on? Share in the comments!

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King, Serge. Huna: Ancient Hawaiian Secrets for Modern Living. Atria Books, 2008.

Photos by Mael BALLAND, Michael Fenton on Unsplash, Calm the Chaos on Creative Market, Elysiumm on iStock

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