6 Ways to Cleanse Your Crystals

Clearing your crystals of past programming and negative energy is important before setting any new intention.

Purification can be done in many ways. By using one or more of these cleansing tools while visualising the low vibes evaporating from your crystals, you’ll improve the effectiveness of your magic.


Sage Smudging

Known as a purifier, burning sage is an ancient Native American practice to banish low vibes and restore harmony. It also brings “feel good” negative ions, the same ions found on the beach!

To burn sage, it’s as simple as lighting a bundle of sage (tied together with a cotton thread if you prefer) on an abalone shell or another fireproof container. After it catches fire, let it burn for up to 30 seconds before blowing it out. Envelope your crystals in the smoke, while asking the spirit of the sage to cleanse all negative energy.


Burning Palo Santo

From the Palo Santo trees of South America, when burned it brings therapeutic healing energy.

To use Palo Santo, light your stick, and let it catch fire. After it has burned for about 30 seconds, blow it out. As the smoke surrounds your crystals, ask the plant spirit of Palo Santo to bless your crystals. When finished, make sure to place your stick in a fireproof container.


Burning Frankincense

Known as liquid gold, Frankincense not only removes negative energy, but also provides protection, eases anxiety, and elevates your spiritual consciousness.

To use Frankincense, place charcoal in a fireproof container, and light the bricks. Once the charcoal is hot, add the Frankincense to the top. Ask the plant spirit of Frankincense to purify and elevate the energy. Be careful when touching the fireproof container. It may remain hot for awhile.


Salt Cleanse

Sea salt and Himalayan salt are strong purification tools. Simply fill a glass or ceramic bowl with water, then add the salt. Place your crystals in the salt water and let them sit overnight. In the morning, make sure to rince the crystals in cool water to remove any salt, and dry them.

Do not use this method for porous crystals, or crystals that contain metal, such as opal, selenite, calcite, and flourite.

If you are not sure, simply immerse the stones in salt, and after a day or so, remove the salt with a dry cloth.


Sound Vibrations

Wake up stagnant energy with clapping, ringing bells, beating a drum, or an om mantra. I use a Tibetan singing bowl, which is traditionally used to enter into meditation.



Use this liquid light to cleanse and elevate the vibration of your crystals. By placing other crystals around selenite, you amplify your intention.

You can use these cleansing methods for more than crystals. Use them to cleanse yourself, your space or any sacred tool. The sky is the limit!

After your tools are cleansed, charge them with your intention.

What’s your favorite way to charge your tools? Share in the comments!

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