6 Self-Love Rituals For Emotional Wellness And Radiance

Love is in the air! So why not romance your entire life?

Don’t tell your boo this, but champagne bubble baths, chocolate strawberries and roses are meant for date nights with number one.

During the season of love, make your own well-being a priority. When you focus on self-love, you get in touch with how you really feel.

Let those watery emotions help you make choices based on what you desire, rather than what others expect of you. What does your heart want? Now is the time to assert yourself and ask for what you truly crave.

With these self-love rituals, you’ll be feeling extra in touch with your emotions and radiate with confidence.

6 Self-Love Rituals


Goddess Venus Bath Salts for radiant beauty and unconditional love

This intoxicating bath recipe, inspired by the essence of Venus, harnesses the powers of jasmine, rose, and myrtle. With this love potion, you’ll feel as if you’ve been kissed by Love itself!


Create a Love Altar

Call in more love in your life by decorating the southwest corner of your home (or the love corner according to the Bagua Map) with dried roses, heart chakra crystals (rose quartz, dioptase, emerald and pink morganite), a statue of a love goddess, a water fountain and photos of loved ones.


Beautify your space

From the office to home sweet home, surround yourself with beauty. Adding flowers, crystals, and your favorite things helps to connect with your five senses. Draw on these senses to experience pleasure and deep fulfilment.


Host a Cacao Ceremony

As you sip traditional cacao, listen to the 285 Hz Solfeggio Frequency. Next, recite the love mantra, Aham Prema, 108 times with your mala to regenerate your heart tissue. As an added bonus, pure cacao helps you lose weight and balance your hormones.


6 belly dance moves to awaken your divine feminine

For even the baby belly dancer, these basic belly dance moves will connect you to your divine feminine. Shimmy, shake and slither your way to radiant wellness.


Goddess Lakshmi’s Radiant Bath Recipe

This divine bath blend inspired by Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of love and beauty, opens the heart to divine love, kindness and abundance.

What is your favorite self-love ritual? Share in the comments!

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