6 Belly Dance Moves to awaken your divine feminine

From work, family and social life, it can feel like you’re juggling multiple spinning plates. To Do Lists are growing and expectations are more demanding than ever. If only we had a team of little elves to work the night shift!

You may be surprised that adding more hours to the day or hiring a team of magical elves will not bring more harmony and ease. We need to change our lifestyle to move from a Yang (or masculine) way of life to a more balanced approach.

Embracing the divine feminine may be exactly what you need for true harmony and ease. Yin, or feminine energy, is receptive and loving, characterized by watery emotions, intuition and relationships. While masculine energy lives in our physical bodies, feminine energy encompasses our emotional and spiritual energies.

One is not ‘better’ than the other. We need both energies to create the delicious dynamism of relationships. However, what we need most of all is a balance.

If you’ve been living in the yang for far too long, embracing your divine feminine will feel like you found your other half.

With your powerful, fearless warrior united with your inner Priestess, you are simply unstoppable. This power couple creates a world of magic and harmony. Not only that, you are simply irresistible. You do not need a partner to feel complete. You are already whole.

How To Awaken the Divine Feminine

There are many ways to activate the divine feminine, but belly dance is my all time favorite.

It is said that in ancient times, fertility cults would inspire sacred dancing to appease the Mother Goddess and ensure a fruitful harvest. Today, the reincarnation of fertility myths is believed to be revealed in belly dance–a poetic sequence of gestures, characterised by soft hip movements and inherent feminine grace.

So, are you ready to feel sexier?

Before you get your shimmy on, set the mood by lighting red and pink candles, burning herbs or incenses (sandalwood and jasmine are a divine duo) and putting on oriental music.

For even the baby belly dancer, these basic belly dance moves will connect you to your divine feminine.

6 Belly Dance Moves

1 – Circles

Draw a circle with your hips or torso. Vary the size from small, medium and large circles. If you’re already an expert, here are some more advanced types of circular movements:

  • Omi, also known as internal hip circles
  • Large hip circles going outside the shoulder line with a bending/straightening of the knees to create a vertical hip movement
  • Exaggerated Egyptian hip circle, with a squat and/or forward chest drop on the back side of the circle

2 – Figure Eights

Draw an eight with your hips or torso. You can draw them on the horizontal plane, or even the vertical plane. If you have some belly dance experience, play with drawing only part of an eight before transitioning to another ooey gooey movement.

3 – Shimmy

Who doesn’t love to shimmy? One of the few dance moves that actually requires love handles to go from a tiny tremble to a full on 9.0 earthquake.

To shimmy like the Egyptians, simply peddle your knees back and forth, starting out nice and slow and building your way up.

Already an expert? Explore these variations:

  • Hip shimmy (for athletic gals, this shimmy is powered from the hips)
  • Choo choo shimmy (also an intense cardio workout)
  • Vibration shimmy (for when you want to be wild and free)
  • 3/4 shimmy (or three alternating hip accents per step, then pausing on the fourth count)
  • Shoulder shimmy
  • Hagallah shimmy (for all those earthy mamas)

4 – Accents

From the Dums to the Teks, oriental music has a lot opportunities to add strong, precise movements.

Accents are isolated movements performed on the hips, chest or pelvis. They can vary from locks (or movements with a hold at the end) and pops (or fast movements that pop back to the starting position).

5 – Undulations

Add some slithery undulations for a dose of oriental mystery. Undulations come in many shapes and sizes from tiny belly rolls to full chest to pelvis undulations.

6 – Twists

If you’re an American like me, “the twist” may bring memories of a swivel-hipped singer named Elvis.

To perform this classic move, simply swivel your hips or shoulders.

How do you connect with your divine feminine? Share in the comments!

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