5 Celtic Crystals to navigate times of change

Transformational change is never easy. It’s uncomfortable, uncertain and highly emotional. And we are right in the middle of the biggest transitional period in 2,000 years.

The Celts were also no strangers to big changes, transformation and endings. In the Iron Age, they made their way from Brittany, France and settled in Glastonbury, then known as Avalon. A big change from their homeland, to say the least.

In time, the Celts built hill forts and made Avalon the magical hub of druidic and priestess wisdom. Of course, no civilization can ride a golden age forever. Eventually their lifestyle changed once again with the arrival of the Romans in 43CE. And as the story continues, the Celts navigated many more changes from the arrival of Christianity to the revival of pagan traditions.

As the Irish playwright and political activist, George Bernard Shaw, once said, “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds, cannot change anything.” And it’s true. The end of every cycle brings evolutionary change and spiritual growth. We will eventually come out of this experience more evolved. But there must be some magical tools to help us navigate this uncomfortable, transitional space. Thankfully there are!

The Celts harnessed the powers of these five crystals for healing, ceremonial work and good luck charms. Use them to better navigate times of change and uncertainty:



Are you ready to “cross over” to another time? To transition into a new reality? Also known as the “Cross Stone,” this powerful crystal is one to have in your toolkit during times of change. On the problem solving front, chiastolite balances the practical and creative perspectives. With your winning plan in hand, chiastolite then wipes away any negativity so you can embark into the unknown.


Lucky horseshoes, four leaf clovers, gold coins, pigs… the list of lucky symbols is endless. However, the one lucky object you’ll want by your side, whether you’re heading to the slot machines or not, is green aventurine. Known as the gambler’s stone, green aventurine is advantageous to everyone. We all come to points in our lives where we could go down one path or the other. Green aventurine helps you choose the most abundant path for growth.

green aventurine


Scattered thoughts can leave you feeling less than vibrant, and frankly a bit drained. That’s where bloodstone comes in the save the day! This earthy green gem with speckles of blood red grounds your body into the earth, and reboots your energy. Bloodstone also instills courage and strength, while removing obstacles.



With copper by your side, energy whizzes up, down and all around, amplifying your thoughts and healing. Copper also regulates any excess sparks of negative emotions, while helping you find a sacred balance between yin and yang. Known as the “love metal,” it also opens the heart space and heals any sexual imbalances.



Looking for a spiritual mentor? Named after the legendary wizard and teacher of King Arthur, Merlin, this white and blackish stone teaches Mysticism 101. Known as the stone of self-mastery, merlinite illuminates wisdom from past lives and dreams, while putting you in touch with mystical mentors on higher dimensions.


What is your favorite magical tool used by the Celts? Share in the comments!

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Photos by Zori Art Photography, Ilze Lucero and Niklas Weisss on Unsplash, Stellar-Serbia on iStock

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