4 Crystals to connect with the lost land of Lemuria

Lemuria was a legendary landmass between California and Australia, where multidimensional beings prospered for thousands of years. It was a magical place of shamans, healers, seers and otherworldly beings who defy our modern understanding of science. When their beloved homeland sank in a natural disaster, legend tells that many Lemurians shape-shifted into mermaids, dolphins, whales and such.


It is said that the Lemurians intuitively understood how to work with crystals and the elements to remain in the third-dimensional world and, yet, still activate higher dimensional doors of perception. Many believe that they used these crystals during ceremonies and healing rituals. Use them to bring the magic of Lemuria to life, and to connect with the Lemurian ancestors.


Lemurian Seed Crystals

Legend tells that during the last days of Lemuria, priests and priestesses encoded ancient wisdom into shimmering seed crystals. These master teachers were then planted deep within the Earth.

Today, each Lemurian seed crystal holds a unique message. When you run your fingertips over its raised horizontal lines in meditation, you download lost wisdom. Lemurian seed crystals are also known to expand consciousness, and facilitate communication with spirit guides. Anchored to our planet’s universal light grid, these angelic crystals advance your personal learning and our planet’s evolution.



Larimar feels like a calm day at sea. A look into the light blue stone transports you to a magical place where playful dolphins dance beneath turquoise waters. Larimar calls upon the energies of dolphins and oceanic beings to wash away stress that weighs on the soul.

A throat chakra stone, larimar promotes clear and truthful communication, helping you articulate your heart’s desires. To attune to its energies, place the stone on your throat chakra during meditation.

larimar crystals

Lemurian Blue Calcite

Once upon a time in 2010, deep blue gemstones were found at a 15,000 foot elevation in Argentina. At this towering peak, Lemurian blue calcite activated a higher level of cosmic awareness in the collective. A keeper of water and earth energies, Lemurian blue calcite unlocks memories and healing codes from past lives in Lemuria.

The throat chakra stone also illuminates your true purpose for incarnating in this lifetime. Unfinished business from Lemuria, perhaps? Hold Lemurian blue calcite to your throat chakra to explore your deepest truth and life purpose.


Scepter Crystals

A scepter crystal is Mother Earth’s version of a magical wand. When one crystal grows over another it creates a powerful tool of instantaneous manifestation. Mother Earth offers crystal wands, or scepter crystals, in clear quartz, smoky quartz, elestial quartz, amethyst, and, on special occasions, citrine.

According to legend, Lemurian priests and priestesses placed scepter crystals atop their magical wands. With a clear intention, they would twirl and point the wand to raise and transmute energies during healing rituals. Today, you can use scepter crystals to grow or expand anything. Yes, anything you wish. So, what do you want more of? More love, wealth or happiness? With scepter crystals by your side, manifestation has never been so quick!

Which Lemurian crystals are you drawn towards? Share in the comments!

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Photos by Andrei Nasonov and tobkatrina on iStock and Coral Antler Creative on Creative Market

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